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Automation and increasing loyalty

Creation of turnkey telegram chatbots. Development of individual solutions.

Telegram chatbots are an innovative solution for business development, automation and optimization of business processes, an additional channel of marketing activity, interaction with clients and the target audience. Creation of telegram bots, constructor of telegram bots online.
Advantages and capabilities of chatbots for Telegram
Popular messenger

The audience of telegram messenger users is the largest and constantly growing (more than 800 million active users by 2022). Therefore, the Telegram messenger becomes one of the most successful resources for business development, increasing popularity among the target audience and attracting new ones.

Telegram provides various options for promotion and interaction between the company and the user. Telegram channels can be used for advertising and brand promotion, for posting news, company promotions, etc. Telegram groups can be used to discuss the brand. For the interaction of the company with the audience, service, consultations, the best option is the creation of chatbot telegrams.

The popularity of the Telegram messenger allows you to interact with the user through a chatbot, without additional user actions. For example, installing an additional mobile application, opening a company website, etc.

Flexible bot configuration

Telegram provides extensive options for setting up a chatbot, and constantly expands its functionality. This provides an opportunity to develop flexible and user-friendly solutions, and to create Telegram bots that meet the requirements of the project as much as possible.

Thanks to the capabilities of the Telegram messenger, the chatbot can use two types of keyboards (regular keyboard and inline, tied to the message), transmit the user's location, work with the bot's subscriber contacts, forward media files, etc.

Using all the possibilities of telegrams when developing a telegram bot, we create individual solutions for clients that 100% cover the needs of the project. Also, with the constructor of telegram bots, you can create a telegram chatbot yourself.

Free mailings

One of the key chatbot functions that any chatbot company uses is messaging. The percentage of readability of messages in messengers exceeds 85%, unlike email messages, the conversion of which is no more than 1%.

The advantage of telegram chatbots for newsletters, unlike other messengers, is the ability to send messages for free to users who have interacted with the bot. Telegram chatbots do not have any limit for sending messages per month.

Thanks to the convenient mailing functionality in the Gerabot telegram bot designer, you can easily create text messages, messages with media files, or choose message templates to send to your audience.

Group management

One of the bonuses of Telegram bots is the ability to connect the bot to group management in Telegram. In order for the bot to manage the group, it must be added as an administrator. After that, the Telegram bot will be able to interact with group users.

Bot admin can check user messages, respond to them by sending messages, ban group users, or conduct analytics of user actions in groups.

Also, Telegram bot can interact with group users as a separate tool for sales, marketing, etc.

Chatbot Development Stages
Fill out the brief, we will contact you and discuss all the details of the project
Gerabot offers a variety of solutions for various business areas in the development of chatbots for business. A chat bot for a company can be created using the available functionality of the chat bot constructor, if it meets the technical needs of the project or is individually developed taking into account all the unique needs of the organization’s chat bot. The needs of the project are identified at the stage of analyzing the project, the company's business processes, the key goals and objectives that the created chat bot should cover, the design and implementation of the chat bot flowchart. The result of the analysis is a decision on the most effective way to develop a chat bot. Also, the need for the capabilities of the data management system received through the chatbot and the necessary synchronization with external systems is analyzed.
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Anonymous chats in Telegram
Internet communication has become an integral part of our daily life. It helps us connect with friends and loved ones, share interests and thoughts, and find new friends and partners.
Admin bots for the group
Telegram chat bots have become a popular tool for automating communication and simplifying group chats. Bots can perform a variety of tasks, from automatically sending messages to integrating with external services.
A chatbot with a personal user account
One of the key factors in the promotion of almost any business is interaction with customers. Interaction occurs at different stages and in different business processes, but the key stages of interaction with the client are marketing and service.
Frequently asked questions when creating a chatbot:
What is the cost of developing a telegram chatbot?
The Gerabot company offers several solutions for creating a chatbot for telegrams, the cost of development depends on which. This can be an exclusive subscription fee for a subscription to the Telegram bot constructor from $18 per month, help in setting up a chatbot from UAH 14,000, and development of a project solution worth from $1,800.
What are the terms for creating chatbot telegrams?
The terms of creating chatbot telegrams depend on the tasks of the chatbot development project. The minimum term for setting up a chatbot on the constructor is from 7 days. The minimum term for developing a project solution is 2 months.
What needs can the development of a chatbot for telegram cover?
Chatbots are a multifunctional means of communication, both with the company's customers and for internal communication. Chatbots for the Telegram messenger can be useful for various purposes: simplifying communication with customers or employees without installing applications, mailing, increasing the efficiency of managers.
What is needed to order the development of telegram chatbot?
You need to understand the key needs that a chatbot should cover, in turn Gerabot will create the most effective framework for this. We help clients understand all the possibilities that a Telegram bot can provide and improve their business performance.
What are the advantages of creating a chatbot specifically for Telegram?
Telegram messenger is the most popular application for communication and interaction with the audience. Telegram allows you to send free newsletters, has a wide range of functionality for setting up chatbots, and provides the ability to manage groups using a chatbot.
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