Chatbots for mailing lists

Chatbot for mailings

Mailing and audience segmentation

Creating chatbots for mailings with target audience segmentation

Chatbots are the most effective way to interact with the audience through the distribution of information. The percentage of open and readability of messages forwarded via chatbots is 86%. Effective mailings through chat bots in telegram, viber in the mailing service and the creation of Gerabot chat bots.
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Advantages and possibilities of the Gerabot mailing service
Convenient segmentation and tags

The convenient segmentation system on the Gerabot platform allows you to assign tags to users according to their personal data or user behavior in the chatbot. Tags are used to send messages to the most relevant part of the audience. Personal data is obtained by the method of quick surveys in the bot, and the answers are stored directly on the platform. This method allows you to speed up data analysis and significantly increase the conversion of mailings.

For quick segmentation on the platform, you need to choose one or more parameters or tags. User parameters are determined by the business according to needs, for example, gender, age, location, and tags allow you to segment the audience according to tried-and-tested scenarios. With this tool, businesses can provide personalized offers relevant to customer requests and needs.

Chatbot newsletters have high conversion rates compared to email newsletters. This is explained by convenience, conciseness and more accurate, personalized information for the user.

Analytics within the platform
Detailed analytics allows the manager to constantly improve the quality of mailings, increase conversion and learn more useful information about the company's target audience. The Gerabot platform is equipped with all the necessary indicators for in-depth analytics: the number of chatbot subscribers, open messages, responses to the newsletter, conversion percentage, and more.

After sending the newsletter, information about all user actions in the chatbot is available to the manager, for example, the number of users who clicked the buttons "Learn more", "Go to the site", "Leave a contact". ‎‎

On the Gerabot platform, the manager has access to every chatbot dialogue with the user, which allows you to track progress, analyze certain audience segments yourself, create new user groups for future mailings, perform upsells and cross-sells, etc.
The Gerabot platform allows you to do any kind of integration using a two-way API. Integration is available not only with external systems, but with any internal company system. This allows you to save new applications and leads from the messenger from the CRM system for the manufacturing company.

Integration allows you to automate the selection of contacts of clients or other information about them for further extension, for example, by calling or for the creation of additional lists for more personalization of roses.

So, the beginnings of the company's integrations take away the possibility of creating, adjusting, planning, analytics and adjusting the power supply through third-party services, which are used by practitioners.
Increasing marketing indicators
Chatbot newsletters allow you to send not only one-way messages (when the newsletter does not require a user response), but also to initiate a full-fledged communication. This allows the company to enter into a dialogue with the customer, collect more data about him, increase sales, etc. The user gets the opportunity to leave contact details for communication, order a service or product, use a discount. This method allows businesses to make instant sales without additional resources.

Mailing in the messenger is an important element of the sales funnel. Converting cold traffic from social networks to chatbot subscribers will provide up to 70% conversion. The advantage of this method is complete automation: the manager creates a mass mailing and avoids the need to process each lead manually.

The platform is equipped with a convenient system for planning future mailings. This allows you to prescribe a detailed marketing plan and implement it in advance. 100% of chatbot subscribers receive messages and up to 80% open the newsletter in the first minutes.
Chatbot Development Stages
Fill out the brief, we will contact you and discuss all the details of the project
Gerabot offers a variety of solutions for various business areas in the development of chatbots for business. A chat bot for a company can be created using the available functionality of the chat bot constructor, if it meets the technical needs of the project or is individually developed taking into account all the unique needs of the organization’s chat bot. The needs of the project are identified at the stage of analyzing the project, the company's business processes, the key goals and objectives that the created chat bot should cover, the design and implementation of the chat bot flowchart. The result of the analysis is a decision on the most effective way to develop a chat bot. Also, the need for the capabilities of the data management system received through the chatbot and the necessary synchronization with external systems is analyzed.
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Chatbot templates for business.
Creating a chatbot can be quite a complex and painstaking process that one person cannot always handle. A chatbot, like any tool for marketing or optimization of external or internal company processes, should contain a convenient structure and content that should provide a high conversion of the target action expected from the user.
Chatbot as a marketing and business promotion tool.
Marketing is a flexible science, the principles and tools of which are not permanent. They are constantly changing depending on modern conditions, new trends and tendencies. Currently, the main principle of marketing is customer orientation. And what could be more customer-oriented than a chatbot?
How to create a chatbot structure?
To create a chatbot, it does not matter whether the bot is ordered from developers or created independently on the bot designer, it is necessary to understand the entire structure of the future bot. For a better understanding of the needs and the correct formulation of the task, in any case, it will not be superfluous to understand what the structure of the bot is.
Frequently asked questions when creating a chatbot:
Какова стоимость создания чат-бота для рассылок?
Есть несколько вариантов разработки чат-бота для рассылок: разработка на конструкторе чат-ботов Gerabot, стоимость помесячной подписки (от 18$) + при необходимости помощь специалистов компании (14 000 грн). Или разработка индивидуального корпоративного решения от 1800$.
Для каких целей требуется чат-бот для рассылок?
Целью разработки чат-бота для рассылок в Telegram и Viber является возможность производить рассылку с высокой конверсией просмотра сообщений для взаимодействия с клиентами и целевой аудиторией компании. Также чат-бот может автоматизировать процесс взаимодействия с клиентами внутри компании.
Каков срок разработки чат-бота для рассылок?
Стандартный срок разработки индивидуального чат-бота для рассылок в среднем занимает 1 месяц. Но все зависит от конкретных целей и задач, которые должен решать чат-бот.
Возможна ли интеграция чат-бота для рассылок с другими сервисами?
Так, чат-боты для рассылок созданы компанией Gerabot, имеют свое внутреннее API, которое может быть использовано для синхронизации данных. Также, в случае разработки проектного решения, API может полностью адаптироваться под нужды проекта.
Под какие мессенджеры разрабатывать чат-бот для рассылок?
Решения, для которых мессенджеров лучше создавать чат-бот для рассылок, обычно принимается исходя из того, какими мессенджерами пользуются клиенты компании. Наиболее популярными мессенджерами для рассылок Telegram и Viber.
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