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Upon request, Gerabot provides the service of an initial analysis of the client's needs, development of the chatbot logic on the constructor, and training in the use of the constructor.

The cost of the service is 14 000 UAH.

  • project needs analysis
  • logic and flowchart design
  • setting up a chatbot
  • embedding a chatbot
  • teaching chatbot control
  • technical support
  • 10% annual discount
  • contract work
Chatbot Builder
14 days free
  • omnicality, messenger aggregator
  • Chatbot quick setup
  • audience segmentation
  • api for developers
  • unlimited chatbots
  • embedded crm-system
  • bulk mail
Website chat
14 days free
  • unlimited operators
  • widget visual customization
  • connecting a chatbot to a widget
  • simple site integration
  • analytics tools
  • operator response templates
  • communication via messenger
Individual development
from 1400$
turnkey development
  • detailed analysis of the project
  • individual functionality
  • unlimited followers
  • api development for the project
  • connection of any messengers
  • contract work
  • no subscription fee
The cost of developing a chatbot for Telegram, Viber, FB Messenger.

The cost of creating a chatbot for business, like any other software product, depends on many factors. First of all, this is what stages of work will be included in the bot creation project.

Usually, the project is divided into the following work stages:

  • discussion of the project, identification of key goals;
  • analysis of business processes, the automation of which will be involved in the chatbot;
  • development of a technical task or block diagram of the bot's operation logic;
  • development or refinement of the chatbot logic and content management system;
  • development of chatbot software code;
  • filling the chatbot with content;
  • development or configuration of api for interaction with external services for data exchange;
  • project support;
  • project testing.

Each of these stages of work is calculated by the hours of bots that will be executed. The cost of an hour of work can vary from company to company, which can affect the total cost of the project, even if the hours of work are calculated the same. The cost of an hour of work at the Gerabot company is 1,200 hryvnias (at the time of exchange rate of the hryvnia to the dollar USD = 30).

If, for example, the customer already has a ready-made technical task or a block diagram of the future chatbot, this can significantly reduce development costs. Also, each chatbot may require different hours for one or another stage of work.

In order to reduce project costs, we analyze the needs of the project in detail, and offer the client several possible solutions.

  1. Using the Gerabot chatbot builder.

In this case, the client registers on the Gerabot service, and independently creates a chatbot and fills it. To make it easier to set up a chatbot on the constructor, we offer video instructions and detailed tips for working with the system, in the bot setting system itself.

The cost of a subscription to the chatbot builder starts at $18 per month.

  1. Configuring a chatbot and using the chatbot designer.

If the client needs advice on the development of the logic and structure of the chatbot, and help with the setup itself after launching the chatbot, we can take on these tasks and set up the chat - a bot on a turnkey constructor. After that, payment for using the chatbot is a monthly subscription to the bot creation service.

The cost of consultation and setting up the chatbot on the constructor - from UAH 14,000.

  1. Development of a turnkey chatbot project solution.

If the chatbot contains individual functionality and properties that are not available in the chatbot designer, then in this case we offer individual turnkey development. Also, a project solution is chosen in the case when, after developing a chatbot, it is necessary to transfer all the code and the database to the client's server.

The cost of developing an individual chatbot for a company is from $1,800.

After the development of the chatbot, under the contract, we offer 1 year of free technical and consulting support for our customers.

Get in touch, and we will choose the optimal solution and cost of bot development just for you!

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