Gerabot affiliate program

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Loyalty program for Gerabot service partners.

Try a new development channel for your clients and earn with us.

Affiliate program from the Gerabot service
Offer for digital, marketing and branding agencies. By becoming a partner, you get:
New development channel for customers
A new development channel for customers
Offer customers additional opportunities for brand development and interaction with the target audience with chatbots and on-site chat.
Additional link to company site
Additional link to the company website
By becoming a Gerabot partner, information about your company and a link to the site will be placed on the Gerabot partner page.
Opportunity to receive cashback
Possibility to receive cashback
By offering customers the opportunity to create a bot on the Gerabot service, you receive cashback from each customer top-up on the service.
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How does the Gerabot partner and service benefit?
Gerabot Customer Site Chat
For a partner
You can become a partner of Gerabot either by sending us the form for partners through the site, or by contacting us in any convenient way for you. After the presentation of the service possibilities and discussion of the terms of partnership cooperation, information about your company will be posted on the Gerabot website, and you will receive a personal account for accruing cashback.
Gerabot site chat for operators
For Gerabot
The advantages of the partner program for Gerabot are, first of all, increasing the popularity of the service, receiving feedback about the quality of the service from specialists, information from which can give us the opportunity to make the service even better, functional and convenient for our users. Also, by adding partners to the list, we have the opportunity to offer your services to clients of our service.
Partner cashback when paying for the service
All users of the Gerabot service, after registration, receive their referral code, which they can share and receive cashback from each payment of a user who came using the specified code. The basic percentage of cashback is 2%.

By becoming a Gerabot partner, you receive a personal referral code, the percentage of cashback according to which can be from 10% to 25%,  depending on the number of users who registered accounts using your referral code.

A partner can submit a request to withdraw accumulated funds at any time, regardless of the amount of accumulated funds in the bonus account.
Cooperation on project solutions
If the functionality of the Gerabot service is insufficient to implement the project for your customers, you can always offer the development of an individual solution. At the same time, you can manage the project, both from your company, and transfer the client's project completely to the management of the Gerabot company, in order to save your company's time and resources.

By transferring the project to the management and development of the Gerabot company, you you receive interest from the client's payment for the project. At the same time, the Gerabot company draws up an agreement with the partner, which clearly indicates the amount that the Gerabot company must pay to the partner after the completion of the client's project.

The percentage that the partner receives from the total amount of the project depends on the cost of the project, and can be from 5 to 15%.
Placement on the partners' page
Information about each partner of the Gerabot service is posted on the Gerabot website on the partners page. For each partner, specify  profile types of activities engaged in by the partner, which enables Gerabot clients to quickly search for contractors for related services.

Also, each partner has its own page, which contains contact information about the partner and a link to its website (follow , index). In addition, we present each new partner in our channels on social networks: telegram, facebook, linkedin.
Why are chatbots and website widgets from Gerabot an effective solution for your customers?
Quality and fast service
High-quality and fast service
Customer service after hours
After-hours customer service
Decreasing customer churn
Reducing customer churn
Increasing loyalty
Increasing loyalty
Increase conversion rate
Increasing the conversion rate
Additional sales channel
Additional sales channel
How to become a partner in 4 steps?
Filling out the form on the website
Sending information about the company through the form on the Gerabot website for the initial processing of information about the partner
Acquaintance with the company
Video conference for introduction and presentation to the partner of Gerabot service possibilities and partnership conditions
Registration on the service
Registering a personal record on the Gerabot website and receiving a referral code to accumulate cashback
Placement of a partner on the site
Information about the partner is posted on the Gerabot website in the list of partners and on the partner's personal page

Special offer!

Upon request, Gerabot provides the service of an initial analysis of the client's needs, development of the chatbot logic on the constructor, and training in the use of the constructor.

The cost of the service is 14 000 UAH.

  • project needs analysis
  • logic and flowchart design
  • setting up a chatbot
  • embedding a chatbot
  • teaching chatbot control
  • technical support
  • 10% annual discount
  • contract work
Chatbot Builder
14 days free
  • omnicality, messenger aggregator
  • Chatbot quick setup
  • audience segmentation
  • api for developers
  • unlimited chatbots
  • embedded crm-system
  • bulk mail
Website chat
14 days free
  • unlimited operators
  • widget visual customization
  • connecting a chatbot to a widget
  • simple site integration
  • analytics tools
  • operator response templates
  • communication via messenger
Individual development
from 1400$
turnkey development
  • detailed analysis of the project
  • individual functionality
  • unlimited followers
  • api development for the project
  • connection of any messengers
  • contract work
  • no subscription fee
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