Development of effective chatbot logic

Creating chatbot logic

Developing efficient chatbot logic

Creating the structure and logic of chatbots for further implementation in the project

The structure or logic of the chatbot – this is the most important part of creating an effective tool for the development of your business, a chat bot for telegrams, viber. After analyzing the main business processes of the company, current problems and competitors, we will develop solutions to improve business performance.
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Creating the logic and structure of a chatbot from Gerabot
Increasing efficiency

Creating a high-quality chatbot requires detailed elaboration and implementation of certain stages. Specialists of the Gerabot company conduct analytics of the customer's business and the market of competitors. This allows you to create competitive chatbots that cover all business needs. 

After conducting the analysis and determining the goals and needs of the business, specialists begin the development of block diagrams. Block diagrams are a schematic representation of the work of the future bot. They describe in detail each scenario, their sequence, additional conditions, etc. A clear definition of the future &lquo;rules‎»‎ operation of the bot allows you to avoid errors during its creation in the constructor or during the development of the chatbot by programmers. Flowcharts visually demonstrate the work of the future chatbot to the client and allow you to make changes at this stage. 

Choosing the optimal method for creating a chatbot

The next step for creating a chatbot becomes known at the stage of developing flowcharts. Typical functions of a chatbot are created on the designer without the use of programming. The Gerabot chatbot builder contains a wide base of standard functions that are commonly used to create a chatbot. 

In the case when the business needs to use atypical or complex solutions, implement integrations with CRM systems and other third-party services, the Gerabot company engages additional specialists to develop a chatbot.

Chatbot Development Stages
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Gerabot offers a variety of solutions for various business areas in the development of chatbots for business. A chat bot for a company can be created using the available functionality of the chat bot constructor, if it meets the technical needs of the project or is individually developed taking into account all the unique needs of the organization’s chat bot. The needs of the project are identified at the stage of analyzing the project, the company's business processes, the key goals and objectives that the created chat bot should cover, the design and implementation of the chat bot flowchart. The result of the analysis is a decision on the most effective way to develop a chat bot. Also, the need for the capabilities of the data management system received through the chatbot and the necessary synchronization with external systems is analyzed.
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Internet communication has become an integral part of our daily life. It helps us connect with friends and loved ones, share interests and thoughts, and find new friends and partners.
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Telegram chat bots have become a popular tool for automating communication and simplifying group chats. Bots can perform a variety of tasks, from automatically sending messages to integrating with external services.
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One of the key factors in the promotion of almost any business is interaction with customers. Interaction occurs at different stages and in different business processes, but the key stages of interaction with the client are marketing and service.
Frequently asked questions when creating a chatbot:
Какова стоимость создания логики и структуры чат-бота?
Стоимость разработки структуры бота зависит от комплексных задач проекта. Разработка блок-схемы чат-бота стоит от 10000 грн, настройка логики бота на конструкторе чат-ботов Gerabot от 4000 грн.
Зачем заказывать создание логики чат-бота?
Для того, чтобы чат-бот был эффективным и выполнял поставленные задачи, логика бота должна быть максимально продуманной и удобной для использования, как для пользователя, так и для администратора чат-бота. Также, разработка логики чат-бота может содержать создание контента бота.
Каков срок разработки структуры чат-бота?
Разработка блок-схемы и структуры чат-бота может занимать от 2-х дней до 2-х недель, в зависимости от задач, стоящих перед чат-ботом. Также 1-2 недели может занимать разработка контента для чат-бота при необходимости.
Что включает процесс разработки логики чат-бота?
Процесс разработки логики чат-бота содержит следующие этапы: - анализ бизнес-процессов компании, которые нужно оптимизировать и охватить при разработке чат-бота, - создание и утверждение блок-схемы чат-бота, создание технического задания для системы управления чат-ботом.
Под какие мессенджеры разрабатывается структура чат-бота?
Структура работы чат-бота не привязана к конкретным мессенджерам и может быть универсальной. Но, в связи с отличием некоторого функционала мессенджеров, блок-схема работы чат-бота может корректироваться под разные мессенджеры.
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