Start and unknown message

In order for the bot to send a welcome message to the user who subscribed to the bot, it is necessary to add the mark “starting script”.

Configuring chatbot logic

!!! Attention. If the start script is not specified, the bot will not respond to the first interaction with the user.

The “unknown message” tag in one of the scripts is needed so that the bot responds to user messages for which no script is found , which would correspond to the user's request.

Configuring chatbot logic

If the “unknown message” flag is not set and no script is found for the text entered by the user based on the user's keywords, the bot will ignore this message.


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On the system, unless the “start message” and “unknown message” flags are set in either scenario, a warning will be displayed that the bot may not be working properly. 

Configuring chatbot logic

Use the “unknown message” flag so that the bot always responds to user actions and does not have thoughts that the bot is not working. To increase the bot's capabilities for the user, for the “unknown message” scenario, you can add a jump button to the operator connection scenario.

Configuring chatbot logic

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