Requests, communication with the operator

One of the most useful tools of the Gerabot system is the ability to connect operators to communicate with the chatbot user.


In order for users to make a request to connect an operator to a conversation, it is necessary to set the corresponding mark in one or more chatbot scripts, when you get to which, automatically a new request to the chatbot operator will be created.

Configuring operator connection in chatbot


After that, when going to the corresponding script in the bot, the user will see a message that the operator is currently waiting for connection.

Connecting the operator in the chatbot


In the Gerabot control system, a notification will appear that a new request has appeared and is waiting for a response.

New request notification in chatbot


Also, in order to receive notifications in a telegram group, an admin can join his group to receive instant notifications of new requests. To do this, you need to go to the settings (icon at the bottom left of the system) and to the notification category. In the id field of group telegrams, you must set the id value of the created group (the chatbot must be added to the group as an administrator).

Adding a group to Telegram for notifications

In order to answer the request, you need to go to the requests section.


Then go to the internal page of the corresponding request and press the button, reply as {administrator name}.

New request from user in chatbot


After the end of communication, if the user himself closes the request, the panel for sending messages will become inactive. Also, the administrator can close the request by clicking the appropriate checkbox.

End of chatbot communication request


After the request is closed, the administrator can review the correspondence history, but it will not be possible to resume correspondence in the same request.

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