Segmented mailings

One of the key benefits of using chatbots in business is newsletters. Mailings through a chatbot have a higher rate of opening messages and reactions to them.

In order to send a message through a chatbot in the Gerabot system, you need to go to the appropriate section of the system.

Dispatches through Telegram, Viber chatbot

In the mailing list, all previous mailings from the system will be displayed, as well as basic information about them:

  • what exactly was sent, arbitrary text or a ready-made script;
  • number of successfully sent messages;
  • number of messages that were not sent;
  • messenger through which the mailing was made.

To create a new newsletter, click the “create newsletter” and go to the corresponding page.

First, you need to choose what exactly will be sent. There are two options:

  • any message, can be used for one-time mailing;
  • or a prepared scenario (template), which can be chosen from the entire list of scenarios.
Sending a text message or template


Secondly, it is necessary to choose to whom the mailing will be made. To do this, you can use filters by group of subscribers, or choose the labels of subscribers to which the mailing will be sent.

Filters for mailing via chatbot

Next, depending on whether text or script was selected for sending, the administrator can write a text message or choose a script for sending.

Sending a text message in the chatbot

Sent to text template via chatbot

After all the filters are selected and the message is prepared for distribution, you need to click the “send” button.

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