Keyboards and buttons

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The main means of navigation in the chatbot is the user's keyboard, which is used to navigate the chatbot scenarios. There are two types of keyboards in chatbots, the main keyboard (always displayed at the bottom) and the inline keyboard (which is tied to a specific message).

In Telegram, the normal keyboard supports the ability to:
  • pass the name of the button, to continue working with the bot and go to the next step;
  • share phone number;
  • share location.
The inline keyboard, in turn, does not provide an opportunity to share a number or location, but provides the opportunity to go to external resources via url. Viber bots provide the opportunity to add links to buttons of any type of keyboard.

In order to add a keyboard to the script in the chatbot, you need to select the type of keyboard in the main settings of the script.

Main keyboard in chatbot

After that, add in the script tab "keyboard", the buttons that will be displayed in the script keyboard.

Main keyboard in chatbot

When adding a new button to the keyboard, or editing an existing keyboard, you must fill in the following fields:

  • width of the button (the width of the entire keyboard row is 12)
  • action when the button is pressed (share phone number or location)
  • keyboard name
  • external link
  • next scenario (the scenario that the user will be taken to by pressing the button)

Show the standard keyboard in the chatbot.

Main keyboard in chatbot

Inline keyboard display in the chatbot.

Online keyboard in chatbot
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