Fast operator responses

For convenient communication with chat users and the ability to provide already prepared answers, the operator can use quick answers.

To create a new quick response, during the request process, you need to click on the corresponding button on the operator panel.

Setting the operator connection in the chatbot

After clicking on the button, a panel will be displayed for creating a new or using an already prepared quick response.

Setting the operator connection in the chatbot


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On the left, the names of already saved answers are displayed. After clicking on the name of one of the answers, the full answer will be displayed on the right, with the possibility of correcting it or applying it immediately.

Setting the operator connection in the chatbot

By clicking “new phrase”, the operator can add, save and apply a new response that can be used in the future when communicating with other users.</ p>

Configuring operator connection in chatbot

Also, in the panel for applying quick answers, the operator can delete a phrase by clicking on it and pressing the "delete" button.

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