Chatbot Logic Scenarios

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A script is one user step in a chatbot. The logic of the chatbot operation consists of a chain of scenarios between which the user moves. With each user action in chatbots, text input, button click, one or another chatbot script is launched.

A list of all chatbot scripts is displayed in the corresponding section of the chatbot management system.

An example of one chatbot script.

In this case, the script consists of:

  • text content that the user sees when entering the script (screenshot 2);
  • the keyboard that will be displayed when this script is entered (screenshot 3).


Text content is added (or changed) in the appropriate section of the script settings (settings sections are switched by tabs at the top of the settings page).

The keyboard is configurable in the appropriate section and is a key navigation tool between scenarios. In order for the user to proceed to the next step in the chatbot, in the settings of each button of the script keyboard, it is necessary to choose which script the user will go to by pressing the corresponding button.

!!! Important. 
Keyboards in chatbots can be of different types:

  • regular keyboard displayed below;
  • inline keyboard that is attached to the text content of the script.

Keyboards differ in their functionality. For example, in the Telegram messenger, it is not possible to make the button of the standard keyboard, which is located below, a link to an external resource.

The keyboard type is toggled in the main script settings.

Also, by going through the various script settings tabs, you can configure:

  • media files or documents that will be sent to the user when entering the corresponding script;
  • tags (labels) that will be added or removed from the user's chat when switching to the script;
  • feedback form, if it is included in the script settings;
  • additional information that will be sent to the user, such as location.

In the chatbot itself, this script will look like this.

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