Chatbot scenarios.

The structure of a chat bot is a chain of user actions and the bot's reaction to these actions. Each step of the user and the response of the bot to it is called a scenario. 


Chatbot script example.

Screenshot 1.

In this case, the script consists of:

  • text content that the user sees when they enter the script (screenshot 2);
  • the keyboard that will be displayed when this script hits (screenshot 3).

The text content of the message from the chatbot can contain any text information up to 1111 characters long, and is added in the script settings.

Screenshot 2.

The script keyboard is created in the keyboard tab of the selected chatbot script, and can be of two types: a regular keyboard and an inline keyboard that is attached to the message (applicable for chat -bots for telegram).

Screenshot 3.

Also, for each script button, you can choose which script to run when it is clicked. The choice of the next script of the chatbot occurs in the column “scenario on click” (Screenshot 4).

Screenshot 4.

Also, the script can contain media files if they are added in the “media” script editor.

In the chatbot itself, the data script will look like this.

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