Communicate with the operator, requests via the chatbot.

One ​​of the key features of the Gerabot system is the possibility of a multi-channel tool for receiving requests from leads and clients, as well as connecting an operator to communicate with users.</p >

In the list of requests, the administrator sees all requests from users of the system with marks of new requests, and requests that are already in progress.

Gerabot receives two types of requests:

  • requests as a filled form of data from the user;
  • requests to connect the operator to communicate with the user of the chat bot and chat for the site.


The data shape itself, created in a script that specifies the “shape” (screenshot 1) and add forms for the user in the “form” (screenshot 2).

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

The form itself looks to the user like a sequence of questions in a chatbot.

In the case of queries from the data form, the system administrator sees the data set that the user left when answering the form questions.

In this case, the user will see the generated request as follows (screenshot 3).

Screenshot 3

If the script is marked “operator connection” (screenshot 4), then after entering this scenario, the system will receive a new request to connect the operator (screenshot 5).

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 5

In this case, the operator needs to enter the request and take it to work (Screenshot 6).

Screenshot 6

Next, the chatbot user and operator will be able to continue communication until one or the other closes the request.

The Gerabot system provides the ability to filter requests by data such as: period, operator, chat. Also, the administrator has the ability to upload data on requests using the specified filters.

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