Creating an application to open an account

In order to get a personal constructor account to create your own bot, you need to leave a request to open an account on our website using the following steps:

  • 1. We go to the site
  • 2. Go to the section “Bot constructs”
  • 3. You can register an account in 2 scenarios:
    • 3.1. On the page, scroll down to the block with subscriptions and click on the “Register an account” button, which will be sent to the account creation form
    • 3.2. On the page, scroll down to the block with the “Create an account” form
  1. Fill out the form with the fields:
  • 1. Name
    • 1.1. Entering characters in Latin or Cyrillic of your choice
  • 2 Email
    • 2.1. Be sure to enter your email details carefully, as an email with login details will be sent to this address.
    • 2.2. The Email field must contain upper and lower case English letters (a–z, A–Z). Numbers from 0 to 9.
    • 2.3. The field must contain the "@" symbol preceded by at least one symbol.
    • 2.4. The field can contain characters "_"/ "-"/ "." in the domain part.
    • 2.5. The field must contain a dot in the domain part.
    • 2.6. In the domain part, 2-63 characters after the dot are allowed, for example, .ua or .com.
    • 2.7. The maximum field length is 320 characters.
    • 2.8. The field cannot contain spaces.
  • 3. Subdomain name
    • 3.1. Must be 1 word in Latin letters
  • 4. Submit button
    • 4.1. When you click on the button, if you have filled in all the data correctly, a confirmation window will open that data with access to your account has been sent to your mail.
  • 4.2. The letter will contain your access data:
    • 4.2.1. Chatbot builder's office
      • Link to cabinet
      • Login and password to enter
    • 4.2.2. User account - all your personal data and payment data for the tariff are displayed here
      • Link to cabinet
      • Login and password to enter
  • 5. Using the accesses received to your email - you get access to your personal accounts from Gerabot
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