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In addition to bots for messengers, Gerabot provides the ability to install a widget on the site, a chat for the site, to generate leads in the system from various sources. As well as for telegram, viber, fb messengers, you can connect a chat bot to the site chat for automatic interaction with the site user.

Display chat site

To install a chat on the site, after registration, go to the “settings” and “website widget”. In this section, it is enough to copy the code for the widget and install it on your site in the section. After that, the chat will immediately work on your site.

Installing a chatsite

Managing chat scripts for a site to interact with a site user is done in the same way as creating chatbot logic with scripts. If there is no need to connect a bot for the site, it is enough to create one scenario and add the "operator connection" button in it, after clicking on which you will be asked to connect to the conversation with the site user.

Connect operator to chat site

Also, you have the ability to create various chains of scripts for the chatbot to work in the consultant on the site, if you want to allow the user to interact with the chatbot Creating chatbot logic for the site

Chat settings for the site allow you to enable or disable the requirement for the user to fill in contact details (such as name and email) to interact with the chat.</p >

Get contacts in chat site< /p>

To style and brand the chat, you can change the color scheme of the chat window on the site in the settings inside the Gerabot system.

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