Chatbot builder's office

In order to enter the personal account of the chatbot constructor, use:

  • 1. A link to your chatbot builder account from an email
    • 1.1. When you click on the link, a login form will open for you.
    • 1.2. Enter the received login and password specified in the letter and click on the “Login” button
      • 1.2.1. If the data is entered correctly, you will enter your personal account of the chatbot constructor

Chat bot constructor cabinet includes:

  • 1. Chats
  • 2. Scenarios
  • 3. Requests
  • 4. Sales funnels
  • 5. Administrators
  • 6. Settings
  • 7. Notifications (bell icon)
    • 7.1. User requests
    • 7.2. Messages unread
    • 7.3. Form requests
  • 8. Log out of your account (rightmost icon in the menu)

Let's consider each section of the account in more detail, taking into account the sequence in which you will need to add and edit data

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