Chatbot Analytics

A chatbot is the same means of interaction with a company's customers as a website, social pages. networks and other resources. Therefore, the data received in the chat bot can also be analyzed by the company's marketers to obtain the necessary data on working with the bot and the company's customers through the chat bot.

Popular chatbot scenarios and number of registrations

The most valuable data received by a chatbot is:

  • popular bot scripts;
  • input user sources;
  • time spent in bot, on certain scenarios, user return;
  • Chatbot exit points;
  • Chatbot registration dynamics.

For example, popular chatbot scripts can provide information about what kind of bot content is of interest to users and what is not. The indicator of exits from the chatbot, respectively, shows from which scenarios users leave the bot and do not return.

Registration dynamics and sales funnel

Analysis of user sources, shows which acquisition channels bring high-quality or low-quality audience to the chatbot. 

The dynamics of registrations in the chatbot shows how effective the advertising campaign is in attracting users to the chatbot.

In addition to general analytics of user actions in the chatbot, the administrator can also receive analytics on user requests, communication with the operator, in particular, on filters.

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