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Korystuyuchysʹ chatom dlya saytu vid Gerabot, vy otrymuyete:

Onlayn chat, konsulʹtant na sayt
Rishennya dlya zbilʹshennya konversiyi saytu ta loyalʹnosti kliyentiv. Zasib lidoheneratsiyi vzhe na pershiyi tochtsi dotyku.
Chat-bot dlya saytu
Avmamatyzovana lohika roboty onlayn chata za dopomohoyu pidklyuchenoho chat-bota dlya sayta, optymizatsiyi biznes-protsesiv.
Systemu keruvannya kontaktamy
CRM dlya lidoheneratsiyi ta keruvannya kontaktamy. Lidoheneratsiya cherez sayt ta ahrehator messendzheriv telegram, viber, fb.
Показати більше 1 653 / 5 000 Результати перекладу

By using Gerabot's website chat, you get:

Online chat, website consultant
A solution to increase site conversion and customer loyalty. The means of ice generation is already at the first point of contact.
Chatbot for the site
Automated online chat operation logic using a connected chatbot for the site, optimization of business processes.
Contact management system
CRM for lead generation and contact management. Lead generation through the site and aggregator of telegram, viber, fb messengers.

Online chat for the site with chatbot functions

A comprehensive solution for interacting with customers with a chatbot and messenger aggregator.
Increase site conversion
Start interaction with site users from the first point of contact. This significantly increases the conversion of the site, as it motivates the user to find out all the information he needs through the online assistant, without going to the competitor's site.
Customer loyalty
By providing an additional opportunity for customers to contact you, or to quickly get the information they need, you significantly increase the loyalty of your company through your customers. Chat for the site provides the opportunity for the client to get answers to questions in a few clicks.
Connecting the chatbot to the site
Relieve your employees from standard calls and questions by providing information to users online, immediately on the website. Thanks to a chatbot that connects to the chat, you can provide answers to standard customer questions without the involvement of employees.
All contacts in one system
Use the chat for the site together with the capabilities of the messenger aggregator to optimize work with your company's contacts. Manage the contacts of your leads and customers in one management system.
Operator connection
The chat management system for the site allows you to add administrators and operators to communicate with customers through the chat for the site. Optimize the work of your employees and relieve the company's managers.
History of chats and requests
the entire history of customer chats, requests and conversations between the user and the operator is stored in the history. At any time, the administrator can review the history of communication and analyze the work of managers.
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All communication channels in one system

CRM Gerabot generates online chat contacts and contacts from telegram, viber, fb messenger.

Starting online chat for the site in three steps

Already 10 minutes after registration, your website will have an online chat for communication with clients
In order to get access to your own office of an online consultant, you need to go through a quick registration.
After registration, you can make chat settings for the site in the designer's office in a few clicks.
After registration and chat settings for the site, you just need to copy the code and paste it on your site.
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Perevahy onlayn chata na sayt vid Gerabot

Shvydke nalashtuvannya onlayn chatu

Pidklyuchennya ta nalashtuvannya chatu dlya saytu zaymayutʹ 10 khvylyn. Reyestruyuchysʹ na sayti Gerabot, Vy odrazu otrymuyete posylannya na vlasnyy kabinet dlya nalashtuvannya chatu ta kodu, yakyy neobkhidno vstanovyty na sayt.
Referalʹna prohrama dlya peredplatnykiv

Pidklyuchennya chat bota na sayt

Vy zavzhdy mozhete nalashtuvaty lohiky avtomatychnoyi roboty onlayn chatu-botu za dopomohoyu konstruktora chat botiv. Stvoryuyte avtomatyzovani vidpovidi na shablonni zapytannya kliyentiv, nadavayte servisnu pidtrymku onlayn.
Nastroyuvana lohika roboty chat bota

Zruchne keruvannya chatamy

Gerabot nadaye zruchni mozhlyvosti chata z kliyentom menedzherom kompaniyi. Kozhen chat mozhe buty zakriplenyy za operatorom, operator maye mozhlyvistʹ nadavaty shvydki vidpovidi na zapytannya korystuvachiv ta peredyvlyatysya istoriyu zapytiv korystuchava.
Systema keruvannya lidamy, kliyentamy, CRM-systema
Показати більше 2 526 / 5 000 Результати перекладу

Advantages of online chat on the site from Gerabot

Quick setup of online chat

Connecting and setting up chat for the site takes 10 minutes. Registering on the Gerabot site, you immediately receive a link to your own account for setting up the chat and the code that must be installed on the site.
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Connecting the chat bot to the site

You can always configure the logic of the online chatbot's automatic operation using the chatbot designer. Create automated responses to standard customer questions, provide online service support.
Customizable chat bot operation logic

Convenient management of chats

Gerabot provides convenient chat options with the client and company manager. Each chat can be assigned to an operator, the operator has the ability to provide quick answers to user questions and review the history of user requests.
Lead, customer, CRM system

Prices chat for site

tarifs for the chatbot designer, the creation of telegram, viber, fb messenger chatbots on a turnkey basis.
Chat for site
18$ /month
  • ✔️ Unlimited administrators
  • ✔️ Chat bot builder
  • ✔️ CRM system for bots
  • ✔️ User analytics
  • ✔️ Chat mailings
  • ✔️ Operator connection
  • ✔️ Video instruction
  • ✔️ Free tech. support
Individual development
Commercial offer on request
  • ✔️ Project analysis
  • ✔️ Development of a block diagram
  • ✔️ Refinement of the CRM system
  • ✔️ Chatbot logic development
  • ✔️ Filling with content
  • ✔️ API development and configuration
  • ✔️ Project support
  • ✔️ Project testing


Gerabot is a software development and digital marketing company, primarily chatbots for telegram, viber, fb messenger messengers.
Kyiv, st. Ivan Vygovskogo 3, office 402
Telegram channel

What is website chat

In most cases, the site user cannot find all the necessary answers to their request on the site itself. Therefore, he either leaves the site, or opens several sites at once on the subject, comparing the content that is on the sites, in search of an answer to his request. In this case, the conversion of the target action of the site may be low, since the user opens a small number of pages on the site, or simply goes to another site. 

To avoid this, there are two options. The first is to saturate the site with useful information and content that responds to the user's request as much as possible. But, even in this case, you will not always be able to predict all the questions that he may have. Therefore, there is a second, even more profitable and convenient way to keep the user on the site by providing him with answers to his questions. This is a chat for the site, which is used as an online consultant for the user. 

All online consultants that are offered on the market of this service do not have big differences, since the main thing here is not functionality or usability (although this is also important), but such factors like:

  • Chat operator reaction (connection) speed;
  • The operator's ability to answer user questions.

Therefore, the main advantage of the chat for the site is the chat management system for telecom operators and company managers. The following functionality is required in the chat management system:

  • the ability to view the history of the user's correspondence or previous requests;
  • the ability to assign a chat to a specific operator;
  • the ability to view the user's contact details;
  • the ability to send documents or graphic files;

For a chat user, for a site, fast chat operation, the ability to navigate through other pages of the site without losing the chat history, convenient usability and design of the chat window are important.</span >

Benefits of a chat for a site, an online consultant

Chat for the site, which will help keep the user on the site before going to the competitor's site, provides a large number of benefits for the site owner. Among them:

  • increasing site conversion due to longer user stay on the site and the number of actions on the site;
  • increasing user loyalty, as they can get answers to their questions directly from the company manager, right on the site;
  • optimization of the company's internal processes, since employees' time is not wasted answering standard user questions over the phone.

According to analytics, a chat for a site, or an online consultant for a site, increase the site's conversion by 10-25%, depending on the subject of the site.

Chat bot for website

The indisputable advantage of a chat for a site is the ability to connect to a chat bot for a site. This allows you to further optimize the work processes of employees by providing the user with basic information or answers to template questions automatically using a bot on the site.

Most used site bot features:

  • FAQ answers;
  • providing information about the company's services;
  • providing company pricing information;
  • Hints for quick site navigation with a bot;
  • receive requests or requests for services or feedback;

Bot operation logic for the site is configured in CRM for chat bots, and can be simultaneously used not only for the site bot, but also for telegram, viber and other messengers . Also, it allows you to collect customer contacts and link them to each other in various communication channels. So, for example, if you requested a user's email using a bot on the site and a bot in the messenger, then in the future you can use this user's contacts for the company's marketing activities. Of course, with his permission. 

Using the Chat Bot Builder Gerabot, you can create a bot for a website with similar bot functionality in telegram or viber. This means that you can create both text content for the bot on the site, or content that includes media files, as well as create scripts with a keyboard, a form for filling data, and others.

Using a chat for the site, as well as a chat bot, you significantly increase the conversion of the site, user loyalty and save time for your employees. Register on the Gerabot service right now, and start online chat on your website 15 minutes after registration.

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