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More leads and increased loyalty, improved customer service.

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Chat for the site from Gerabot provides opportunities
By creating and using a chat for a website as a tool for business and marketing, you get:
Online chat, website consultant
Online chat, website consultant
Solutions to increase website conversion and customer loyalty. The lead generation tool is already at the first point of contact.
Chatbot for website
Chatbot for website
Automated online chat logic using a connected chat bot for a website, business process optimization.
Contact management system
Contact management system
CRM for lead generation and contact management. Lead generation through the website and messenger aggregator telegram, viber and others.
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How does online chat work?
Chat for site Gerabot for clients
For client
Entering the site, the client immediately, without wasting time searching for the necessary information, has the opportunity to contact the company manager to get advice on the issue of interest to him. If a chatbot is connected to an online chat, then the user can use the assistant for simplified access to all the information that the company offers.
Chat for site Gerabot for managers
For operator
In the case when the site user invited the operator to connect to the online chat, in order to receive information that interests him online, the operator receives a notification both in the chat control panel and by email and to the configured group in the messenger. Upon receiving a request, the operator can immediately start communicating with the user through the support chatbot.
Advantages and features of chat for the site from Gerabot
Easy integration and visual customization

Integration of chat into the site takes a few minutes and does not require additional specialized knowledge. Using the Gerabot platform, any user can add a chat to the site in a few clicks. The constructor allows you to create and change the visual appearance of the chat on the site. For the convenience of users, the complete process of integrating chat into the site is shown in a short video instruction.

Chat on the site allows you to increase audience loyalty and the number of sales – the client can get an answer to the question 24/7. The chatbot maintains communication with site users, answers standard questions, collects important information and, if necessary, transfers all data to the operator. The key advantage of the chat on the site is to reduce the workload of the contact center, since most of the basic tasks are available to the smart assistant.

You can create a chat on the site yourself using the chat bot builder or by contacting the Gerabot team of specialists.

Convenient interaction with the client

Gerabot customers receive a list of quick responses for the operator to work with. The quick response templates are unique because they are tailored to fit the needs of the business. This method of communication significantly reduces the response time and increases customer loyalty.

Usually, to start communication, a company employee needs to go to the platform, open a request and start a dialogue with the client. To simplify this process, an additional service – chatbot for the operator. Businesses get an internal chatbot, available only to company employees. The client's request to connect the operator on the site comes to the chatbot. The operator, in turn, receives a request in the messenger. The manager has a complete history of client communication with a smart consultant on the site, is aware of the request, the client's needs and all the necessary additional data, so that the client's request receives an instant response.

Pay only for referrals

Chat on the site increases the number of hits to 70%, and the beginning of communication allows you to interest the site visitor and transfer him to the client category. Thanks to automated responses, the operator receives requests only from the most interested users who are familiar with the product or service. In addition, during non-working hours of the contact center, the bot saves the data received from the user and notifies the operator about the information update.

Payment for the chat service on the site is not fixed, since it is carried out depending on the number of user requests. This method allows you to save the resources of small and medium-sized businesses.

The number of operators is unlimited and does not require additional fees – all operators get their own account. This allows the company to track the quality of work of each manager and receive statistics on successful communications.

Chatbot for website

Users have the opportunity to create an analogue of a chat on the site in the messenger. A chatbot in a messenger may contain a similar set of functions or be an advanced add-on. In order to duplicate a chat on a site in a messenger, you do not need to write new logic and scripts, the Gerabot platform allows you to use one logic both for chat bots in messengers and as a bot on the site.

If necessary, the functionality of the chatbot can be extended by adding new scripts or integrating additional services. A modified chatbot can become a complete analogue of a website: choosing a product, creating an order, calculating the cost, specifying the delivery address, signing up for a service, etc.

Website chat helps businesses get new leads. When communicating on the site, the user can receive a lead magnet (promo code, trial period, shareware, etc.) to switch to the chatbot. The bot keeps contact with the user and allows you to create a mailing list or initiate a dialogue in the future.

Requests Analytics

Chat for the site has detailed analytics on the Gerabot platform, as well as the ability to integrate with the CRM system. With the help of analytics, you can track the effectiveness of each manager. Among the important indicators: the number of requests, response speed, the percentage of successful communications. Also available is the occupancy tracking feature by the hour to identify peak times with increased demand for operators.

User analytics allows you to distribute the audience according to certain characteristics, which are used to improve marketing performance. The user can provide the company with their location, age, gender or other personal data in order to receive personalized offers.

After each communication, the client can send feedback on the performance of the chat or operator. This allows employees to instantly learn about non-standard situations and respond to them in a timely manner. In addition, according to research, most customers choose to report controversial situations in a chatbot, rather than in person with a real manager. The ability to leave a complaint and get a quick resolution increases customer confidence.

Why installing an online chat on a website is an effective solution for your business?
Quality and fast service
Quality and fast service
Customer service after business hours
Customer service after business hours
Reducing customer churn
Reducing customer churn
Loyalty increase
Loyalty increase
Increasing the conversion rate
Increasing the conversion rate
Additional sales channel
Additional sales channel
Website chat
173$/year (20% discount)
14 days free

Special offer!

Upon request, Gerabot provides the service of an initial analysis of the client's needs, development of the chatbot logic for the widget and training for the constructor.

The cost of the service is 400 $.

  • project needs analysis
  • logic and flowchart design
  • widget settings
  • embedding a chatbot
  • learning how to manage a widget
  • technical support
  • 10% annual discount
  • contract work
Starting an online chat for a website in 4 steps
Registration on the site
Create an account on the Gerabot website and receive a link to your personal account to manage chat and contacts
Getting the widget code
Copying the widget code to the site from Gerabot and installing it on your site in a few clicks
Widget setup
Widget visualization by customizing the corporate color scheme and customizing the company name
Chatbot setup
If you need to customize the logic of the chatbot for the widget to simplify interaction with users of the widget
Guide how to create an online chat for the site?
Gerabot offers a variety of solutions for various business areas in the development of chatbots for business. A chat bot for a company can be created using the available functionality of the chat bot constructor, if it meets the technical needs of the project or is individually developed taking into account all the unique needs of the organization’s chat bot. The needs of the project are identified at the stage of analyzing the project, the company's business processes, the key goals and objectives that the created chat bot should cover, the design and implementation of the chat bot flowchart. The result of the analysis is a decision on the most effective way to develop a chat bot. Also, the need for the capabilities of the data management system received through the chatbot and the necessary synchronization with external systems is analyzed.
Feedback from our clients
Tariffs for other services
Chatbot Builder
14 days free
  • omnicality, messenger aggregator
  • Chatbot quick setup
  • audience segmentation
  • api for developers
  • unlimited chatbots
  • embedded crm-system
  • bulk mail
Individual development
from 1400$
turnkey development
  • detailed analysis of the project
  • individual functionality
  • unlimited followers
  • api development for the project
  • connection of any messengers
  • contract work
  • no subscription fee
Why us?
Completed projects
Years on the market
Ready templates
Experienced professionals
Anonymous chats in Telegram
Internet communication has become an integral part of our daily life. It helps us connect with friends and loved ones, share interests and thoughts, and find new friends and partners.
Admin bots for the group
Telegram chat bots have become a popular tool for automating communication and simplifying group chats. Bots can perform a variety of tasks, from automatically sending messages to integrating with external services.
A chatbot with a personal user account
One of the key factors in the promotion of almost any business is interaction with customers. Interaction occurs at different stages and in different business processes, but the key stages of interaction with the client are marketing and service.
Frequently asked questions when creating a chatbot:
How to put a widget on your site?
In order to put the widget on the site, you just need to register on the service and copy the widget code to your site in the head area. After that, you can visually customize the widget.
Are there any restrictions on the number of operators for communication?
Gerabot does not limit the number of operators that can be connected to the system. Also, the cost of a monthly subscription to the service does not depend on the number of operators.
Can I visually customize the widget for the site?
Yes, Gerabot provides the ability to visually customize the widget for the site. You can change the main colors of the widget, add your company logo.
Can I connect a chatbot to a widget?
to instant messengers and to a website widget. The logic of the chatbot can be the same in all integrated systems.
Can the widget be connected to multiple sites?
No, a widget for a site from one account can only be connected to one site. To connect the widget to another site, you need to open a new account on the Gerabot service.
What is the cost of using a website widget from Gerabot?
The first 14 days are free. Further, the cost of a monthly subscription to the Gerabot service starts from $18 per month and depends on the number of requests to the chat for the site. If you pay annually, you get a 20% discount.
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