What tasks does the chatbot solve, capabilities and implementation of the bot.

Chatbots are software products that can perform a variety of tasks by communicating with people via text messages. They provide efficient and automated performance of routine tasks, improve communication between the user and the service, and save time and effort. In this article, we will look at some tasks that can be solved with the help of chatbots.

  1. Customer service

One of the primary functions of chatbots is to improve customer service. They can answer customer questions, help solve problems, and provide additional information about the company's products and services. Chatbots make it possible to reduce the waiting time of customers and improve the quality of service.

  1. Marketing and Sales

Chatbots can be used to promote a company's products and services. They can answer customer questions, help choose products and services, and recommend other products. In addition, chatbots can create personalized offers for customers and provide discounts.

  1. Provision of technical support

Chatbots can help solve customers' technical problems. They can provide information about possible problems and ways to solve them, as well as provide detailed instructions for using the company's products and services.

  1. Automation of business processes

Chat bots can be used to automate routine business processes. For example, they can help collect customer information, register orders, and perform other tasks that can be automated.

  1. Education

Chatbots can be used to educate users. They can provide information about products and services, act as a coach, provide problem-solving recommendations, and assist with data collection.

  1. Organization of work

Chat bots can be used to organize team work. They can help plan tasks, monitor task execution, and report on results.

  1. Health support

Chat bots can be used to support health. They can help monitor health, provide advice on healthy lifestyles and provide additional information about diseases and their treatment.

All these tasks can be solved with the help of chatbots, which allows companies to solve various tasks efficiently and automatically. Thanks to chatbots, customers can quickly and efficiently receive the necessary information, and companies can increase efficiency and reduce i business processes.

Capabilities of chatbots.

Using the chatbot constructor Gerabot, we will analyze some features that will come in handy when implementing a chatbot bot in business.


Chatbot keyboard

The chatbot keyboard is the main element of navigation between chatbot scenarios. The keyboard is the easiest way for the user to move between scenarios. The keyboard in messengers is of different types, for example:

  • normal keyboard that is docked and displayed below;
  • inline keyboard that is attached to a specific chatbot message.

Different keyboard types are useful in different situations.

Keyword search

In addition to the keyboard, the bot user can interact with it using keywords, if this is provided in the chat functionality bot That is, if the user enters a phrase in which the bot finds keywords, it provides the user with an appropriate response that was programmed to search for these keywords.

On the same principle artificial intelligence works, which can also be implemented in a chatbot.

Ice generation

Lead generation is one of the key processes in chatbots. By implementing the functionality of collecting data from the user using feedback forms, the company's managers can process the information and continue working with the new lead.

The received leads can be processed in the chatbot management system itself, or transferred to the CRM system, if the appropriate API is configured between the system and the chatbot.


Operator connection

If the user did not find answers to the question he had when contacting the chatbot, he can use the option to connect an operator (manager) to the dialogue in the bot. At this moment, the bot management system receives a request that the bot user is waiting for the manager to connect.

Notifications can also come to the Telegram group or CRM system, if the corresponding functionality is configured in the bot designer.


Tags, labels and mailings

Audience segmentation is a key process for marketing in any field. Thanks to the tag functionality, the marketer can set up different groups of audiences that the bot will automatically form using the appropriate tags that are added to the bot.

In the future, the marketer can easily work with the relevant audiences, interact with them, send messages through the chatbot.


User Variables

The functionality of the Gerabot chatbot builder provides the ability to use custom variables, which in the future, in the chatbot, can be used to provide personalized information to bot users.

Using variables, the functionality of the bot can be significantly expanded, even with the possibility of implementing a personal account of the user in the chatbot.


If the company operates in several regions, the chatbot can be configured in different languages. In this case, the user can change the chatbot's language at any time, and the bot's content will be displayed in the appropriate language.

There are cases when even the structure of the chatbot may differ depending on the language chosen by the user.

Chat for the site

The implementation of chatbot functionality in chat on the site increases the consultant's conversion several times and provides additional opportunities for interaction and retention of the target audience. A chatbot for a website has the same capabilities for interacting with customers as chatbots in messengers.

Also, thanks to the bot for the site, the administrator can implement the functionality of automatic calls to action depending on the behavior of the site user.

CRM system

The Gerabot chatbot management system includes the functionality of the CRM system, for example, such as: management of leads and customers. Therefore, usually, the Gerabot system is sufficient not only for creating a chatbot or connecting a chat for the site, but also for fully managing the data of the company's leads and customers.

Chat bot implementation

The introduction of a bot into a business consists of several stages:

  • detection of processes to be automated by the company's chatbot;
  • chatbot flow chart development;
  • identifying the functional needs of the chatbot, and making a decision on the development of an individual project or setting up the chatbot on the constructor;
  • developing/customizing and filling the bot with content.


Identifying the processes to be implemented in the chatbot.

Above in the article, we have already provided a list of business processes for which a chatbot is usually the most effective solution. Each company analyzes its internal processes and decides what exactly it needs to implement a chatbot for.

There are cases when a company can implement several bots at once, for example to improve customer service and to optimize internal company processes</a >, that is, a chatbot for employees.

Development of a block diagram of a chatbot.

We have already considered the processes of creating a bot scheme, but usually, to implement the chatbot logic, which will meet all the needs of the company and will be effective, companies turn to bot developers or marketers for help.

Identifying needs and developing or customizing a chatbot.

Depending on what structure the company's bot should contain, what functionality should be implemented, a decision is made to develop a chatbot as an individual project or to configure a chatbot for bot designers Gerabot.

Pros and cons of both options.

Project solution for the development of a chatbot

In this case, the functionality of the chatbot has no limitations and is fully developed according to the needs of the company. Also, such a solution can always be expanded, additional functionality can be implemented into it. This is especially important in cases where the company has not yet decided exactly which processes it wants to implement in the chatbot and plans to develop it in the future. Also, project solutions do not require a monthly subscription fee. But, of course, developing a project solution is several times more expensive than setting up a bot on a designer, and is at least $1,500.

Configuring the chatbot on the designer

This is a budget solution in terms of the budget that the company invests right away when creating a chatbot. The cost of such a solution can be from $100 to $400. But, in this case, it is necessary to immediately count on additional monthly payments. You can order bot settings on the Gerabot designer in two clicks by pressing the “try for free” button. on our website. In this case, you will get 14 days of free use of the designer to make a final decision on the introduction of a chatbot in your business.

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