How to order the development of a chatbot?

If a company or a private person decides to order a chatbot, it should already have an understanding of what it is for, for what purposes it needs a bot. 

But if, nevertheless, the understanding is not yet complete, then first you need to decide how a chatbot can be useful for a specific business. To do this, you can familiarize yourself with the relevant materials on our website:

After the goals and needs of the bot are defined, it is necessary to understand which variant of the development of the bot when ordering, and at what cost, fits the needs of the project. A chatbot can be developed on a bot designer, or developed as an individual solution based on a technical task. To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with the options and the chatbot price

The ideal solution is to first contact the chatbot development company for a free consultation to discuss the project. After the consultation, a decision will be made which option is the most effective in terms of cost and functionality of the bot suitable for a specific business.  

In order to reduce the potential cost of building a bot and order a chatbot at a better price, you can create a chatbot structure yourself. In this case, there will be an even better understanding of what exactly a chatbot is needed for, what tasks it should perform.

When the technical task or the structure of the bot is ready, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with all the stages of development. 

If the bot will be created on the constructor, it is enough to register an account and further configure the bot, or contact technical support for its configuration.


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If the bot will be developed as a project solution, then it is worth familiarizing yourself with all the stages of development.

Chatbot Development Stages
Fill out the brief, we will contact you and discuss all the details of the project

When the decision is made and the chatbot is in the development stage, it is worth looking at how it can be used for marketing and promotion to increase the number of followers - Chatbot as a tool for marketing and business promotion.

If you have any questions about ordering a chatbot and its development, you can always contact the Gerabot company for a free consultation.

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