Install a chat widget for the site

Chat for the site is a widget that increases site conversion and can be an effective lead generation channel for site users.

Why does the chat for the site increase the conversion of user interaction with the site? 

Chat on the site provides the user with the opportunity to receive not only static information offered in the content on the site pages, but also to contact the chat operator in real time for information on questions, which interests him. 

Also, the chat on the site can be a means of lead generation and obtaining user contact data through feedback forms that can be embedded in the chat widget. By offering the user to answer questions that will help to more accurately form an offer for his needs, the site can not only collect contact data, but also automatically form offers based on the client's requests.

If a chatbot is connected to the chat on the site, it can work as an automatic assistant to the user in finding an answer to his query and provide links to specific pages of the site to simplify site navigation.

You can install a chat widget for the site in 3 simple steps.

  1. Register on a service that provides online chat for site services, for example - gerabot. com.

All you need to register is to enter your email and immediately receive a link to your personal account on the service to set up a chat.

Registration of a widget for the site

  1. Adjust the corporate colors of the chat so that it fits organically into the site design and copy the widget code.

Widget settings for the site

  1. Install the widget code on the site in the section of the site administration panel.

Important!!! Depending on the site management system, the area can be edited in different sections of the system.


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These 3 steps take less than 5 minutes, and after this period of time you will have an online chat consultant installed on your site for site users.

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