How to create your chatbot in Telegram?

What is Telegram Bot?

Telegram chatbot — is a computer program that can automatically respond to Telegram messages.

Telegram bots work around the clock and can have several conversations with several people at the same time. They are often used to automatically answer questions and provide information about a company's products or services.

Example of Telegram chatbot

Now a real example of a Telegram chatbot: Telegram @Gerabot_bot</span >

With this chatbot you can:

Why use Telegram chatbots?

Telegram is one of the largest messaging apps in the world with 400 million monthly active users. In addition, the platform is developing rapidly. 1.5 million new users register on Telegram every day. This means that many people are already using Telegram and that the number of users is growing rapidly.

With so many people on the platform, it's likely that your customers will be there too. And where your customers are, you should be.

Now you understand why you should use Telegram, why you should use a chatbot?

Here are some of the main reasons why you need a chatbot in Telegram:

  • you can save time and money on customer service;
  • it can increase your sales;
  • with a chatbot, you can respond in seconds, not days;
  • your chatbot is available 24/7 worldwide;
  • people are open to using chatbots if they get good help;
  • in addition, Telegram also has some advantages over other channels such as Viber, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have strict rules for their chatbots, such as a 24-hour window. But with Telegram we don't have such rules (yet), which is a huge advantage!

In addition, with Telegram you can use chatbots in groups, which is not possible with Viber, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

How do Telegram bots work?

Most Telegram chatbots are conversational. And the conversation flow is created by three main elements:

  • trigger - user action in the chatbot (text input, button click);
  • condition - search for content that should be sent to the user according to the trigger;
  • action - sending information to the user, according to the condition.

For example, if we create our own Telegram chatbot using the Gerabot constructor, it will look like this:< /span>

Trigger, a button click by the user in the chatbot.

Condition, search, what exactly the chatbot should answer according to the user's actions.

Action, sending appropriate content by the chatbot.

Also, the chatbot can respond not only to the user pressing buttons, but also to the keywords that the user writes in the bot.

How to create your chatbot in Telegram?

There are several options for creating a chatbot, depending on its goals and functionality.

If you need a chatbot with unique properties or artificial intelligence, in this case it is better to contact the developers to create a chatbot. < span style="font-weight: 400;">But, in most cases, you can use services for creating chatbots (chatbot builders), such as Gerabot.

In order to create your own Telegram chatbot using the Gerabot constructor, you will need 15 minutes and just a few actions:

  • registration on the site;
  • chatbot token creation;
  • token connection to the system.

Want to create a chatbot for your business in 15 minutes?

Video instructions for creating and connecting a token to the Gerabot system.

Gerabot video instructions - creating and adding a chatbot token

After these actions, you will already have a working Telegram chatbot. All you have to do is adjust it to your needs.

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