How to increase customer loyalty in the chat for the site.

In today's world, where most businesses have their own website, live chat is becoming an increasingly popular tool for communicating with customers and potential buyers. However, simply set up chat on the site is not enough. You need to make your customers feel comfortable, welcome the opportunity to contact you, and know what actions they can take in the chat. In this article, we'll look at chat best practices and calls to action for your site.

  1. Welcome customers to the chat

The first and most important thing to do in chat is to greet customers. This will make them feel that they have been met with respect and that they will be helped. For example, you can write "Welcome to the chat! How can we help you today?"

  1. Offer to help

After you've greeted customers, offer to help them. For example, you can write "Do you have a question we can answer? We are here to help you anytime." This will give customers the feeling that they can turn to you for help and support.

  1. Provide a brief description of the services or products

In many cases, customers do not know what services or products your business offers. Therefore, it is important to give them a brief description. For example, if you sell furniture, you can write "Our store offers a wide selection of furniture for any interior. We have a sofa, table, chairs and other products that will help create a cozy and comfortable interior in your home." .

  1. Offer a promo code or discount

If your business offers a quality product or service, you can offer customers a promo code or a discount for their first purchase. This will help attract new customers and increase sales. For example, you can write "If you make your first purchase within the next 24 hours, we can offer you a 10% discount on the entire range of products".

  1. Ask for feedback

At the end of the chat, ask customers how they enjoyed working with you and if they left positive feedback. This can be important information for your business. For example, you can write "Thank you for contacting us in the chat. If you were satisfied with our support, please leave a review about our work".

  1. Call to action on the product or service page

If the customer is on a page with a specific product or service, invite them to chat with you if they have any questions. For example, you can write "If you have any questions about our product, please contact us in the chat, we will be happy to help you".

  1. Use interactive elements

To make the chat more attractive and engage customers, use interactive elements such as buttons or quick access to information. For example, at the beginning of the conversation, you can offer the client to select a question category from a list of buttons or create your own request. This will save time and help you get an answer to your question faster.

  1. Provide information about working hours

Don't forget to provide customers with information about your business hours and time zones. This will help avoid misunderstandings and make the process of contacting your business more convenient for customers.

  1. Highlight the advantages of your business

In a conversation with a client, emphasize the advantages of your business. These can be fast delivery, high product quality, product warranty, professional support and other benefits. This will help attract more customers and increase sales.

  1. Be polite and professional

No matter what the customer is asking, always be polite and professional. This will create a positive impression of your business and maintain a good reputation. Don't forget the rules of etiquette in online communication, such as the use of "please" and "thank you".


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CTAs in website chat are an essential element for any business looking to increase sales and improve customer interactions. It is worth remembering that each client is a unique individual with his own needs and expectations. Therefore, the proposed guidelines are not generally accepted rules, but only recommendations that can be used to optimize the process of interaction with customers.

Don't forget that chat calls to action for your site are not only an opportunity to attract more customers, but also an opportunity to improve the interaction with existing customers, retain their loyalty and increase the number of repeat purchases. Use these recommendations and experiment to find the best way to communicate with your customers and succeed in your business.

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