How to get a telegram token and create a bot?

In order to create a bot for Telegram, you need to create a token, which will be tied to a webhook for the exchange of messages between the bot and the user.

What is Telegram Token?

A token is a key that consists of a set of characters and is used for communication between the webhook and the telegram messenger server. 

In order to get a token and create a chatbot, you need to find a bot named BotFather in the Telegram messenger. This is the main telegram bot that allows you to manage the settings of the bots you have created, as well as create new ones. 

!!! Important. The maximum number of tokens that can be made for one Telegram account is 20.


In the BotFather bot, you need to write the command /newbot. After that, BotFather will prompt you to enter:

  • the name of your bot that users will see;
  • uri of the bot, i.e. the link to the bot that will be added to the link{youruri}.

After the data is entered and it have passed validation (the bot uri is entered correctly), BotFather will respond with a message that will contain the API token of the created bot.

At this moment, the bot has already been created, and it is possible to subscribe to it by finding it in Telegram search or by following the link. But, in order to create bot logic, i.e. actions that will take place in the bot when interacting with the user, it is necessary:

  • set a webhook for the chatbot (a web link through which the exchange of messages with the Telegram server will go);
  • create bot logic, that is, a sequence of actions that the chatbot will perform in response to user actions.


For this, you can contact chat bot developers, or try to configure the bot yourself by connecting the token to any bot constructor service, such as Gerabot.


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You can also watch the video instructions on creating a bot token, as well as configuring its logic in the Gerabot designer.

Gerabot video instructions - creating and adding a chatbot token</a >


Also, in the BotFather bot, you can not only create bots, but also manage their basic settings, for example:

  • change bot name;
  • add a description that will be displayed before the user subscribes to the bot;
  • add bot logo;
  • connect payment systems.


In order to change the bot data, you need to write /mybots, after which you will see a list of bots created in your account. By clicking on any of them, using the dialog menu, you can go to the corresponding sections of the bot settings.

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