Implementation of a chatbot for a service or support department

Chat bots are an effective means of marketing, interaction with users, process optimization for any type of business. Many businesses are still searching for exactly which processes chatbots can be useful for them. However, one of the most effective and already popular and recognized solutions for using a chatbot is its implementation in the processes of customer support and customer service. 

Chatbots for customer support and advice provide specific business benefits such as:

  • constant communication with the client 24/7;
  • unloading employees and redirecting their time to other, important processes;
  • increasing the level of service by providing more relevant information;
  • analytics of customer requests in automatic mode;
  • omnichannel.

Communication with the client 24/7.

Chat bots do not need weekends or lunch breaks, they can work continuously without losing efficiency and attention. A chatbot can answer the questions of an unlimited number of users at once, while a human can only handle one request at a time. The chatbot does not confuse the information to be provided to the customer or the customer himself.

Unloading of workers.

80% of requests for support or advice are template requests that do not provide standard answers to users. Introducing a chatbot into its business processes, a company can redirect 80% of its employees' time to other tasks, or handling more personalized requests. 

The chatbot allows you to highlight standard requests and provide answers to them even before the user wants to individually consider his request. But, if necessary, the chatbot can always notify the manager about the need to connect to the conversation.

Improving the level of service.

When requests from customers are processed by a person, no matter how professional a specialist he is, there is always the possibility of error, confusion, and the human factor. A person can get tired, a person can make a mistake, a person has a tendency to get tired, and treat each client differently. The introduction of a chatbot for customer support eliminates all human factors in this process, increases the level of service and customer loyalty.

Query analytics.



Clients of the company can use various channels to communicate with the company, for example: bots Telegram, Viber, FB, company website, email, etc. Omnichannel allows you to combine the channels through which the user sent the request into one client card. In the future, this significantly helps the company manager to quickly understand what kind of client this is, to see the history of his requests, and to roughly understand which question is bothering the user.

Where to start implementing a chatbot for support and customer service?

First, the company should decide on the requests that come to it from users most often. Convenient navigation and consultations on these requests must be provided to the client in the chatbot itself, even before he may have the desire to connect the operator to the chat. This is the most important process, which will continue to relieve managers by more than 80%.

Secondly, it is necessary to decide whether the automation of the support process is the only purpose for creating a chatbot.

In 60% of cases, when a client turns to Gerabot with a request to create a chatbot, after discussing the project and of its business tasks, the project expands significantly and adds some other business processes. This happens because only in the process of detailed analysis of needs, the client begins to understand all the possibilities of chatbots for increasing business efficiency.

When all the needs for the chatbot are identified, a detailed flow chart is developed, in which all the logic of the work is indicated chat bot.

When the scheme for the development of the chatbot is approved and the development of the project has begun, it is necessary to create scripts for the work of managers when they will connect to the conversation instead of the chatbot . In the future, these scripts can be added to the bot management and user interaction system, as fast answers. This will significantly save managers' time already during communication with bot users.

By the way, companies do not have to order individual development of a chatbot. You can use the bot builder to customize your customer service bot. For example, in the Gerabot constructor, convenient functionality is provided not only for configuring the bot's logic, but also for communicating with users.

Further, using the example of the bot constructor Gerabot, we will analyze important aspects of the functionality of the service for operators when communicating with customers.


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Operator connection.

In the structure of the chatbot, there should be a script (a step of the user in the bot) in which the bot will understand that it is necessary to send a message to the manager that the client is waiting for connecting the operator in the bot.

Configuring the operator connection script in the bot.

Keyboard view with the possibility of connecting an operator in the bot.

After the user has gone to the operator connection script, the manager will be sent a message about this and a link to the request the client After clicking on the link, the manager immediately gets to the appropriate section of the management system.

The manager just needs to press the start button, after that he can start communicating with the client using the panel for sending messages.

The bot user, in turn, will see messages from the operator and send him his messages in the chatbot interface itself.

Both the bot user and the chat operator can end the conversation by pressing the appropriate buttons.


The bot administrator, or the main manager, can always view all user requests with the ability to filter them according to the following parameters:

  • chat operator;
  • request source;
  • open/close requests;
  • bot from which the request came (if multiple bots are added).


By studying this data, you can get information about:

  • efficiency of managers;
  • convenience of the structure of this or that bot (a/b testing is possible);
  • hours when the bot audience is most active, etc.


It is very important that company managers who will connect to support chatbots as operators are trained and have at least minimal experience in working with the system to interact with by users. 


The Gerabot company provides the following types of services for the services or customer support departments of the company:

  • chatbot designer with configuration and learning how to use the system;
  • development of individual solutions, constant consulting support and training of employees;
  • creating a bot on the constructor and using it by subscription.


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