Important factors of interaction with chatbot users.

Any chatbot, like any business, expects the user to perform a targeted action, such as: viewing information, sending a request, placing an order, etc. In order to increase the rate of key action, it is necessary to follow the rules of interaction with the audience and provide the best possible service. Currently, the level of service is the key to a successful business.

Chat bots are no exception and also have their own rules that must be followed to keep the user happy.

Useful content.

It doesn't matter whether your chatbot is informational, service support bot, shop bot, etc. It should provide the user with targeted, relevant and useful content. The more content the better, but don't provide your audience with content that isn't targeted.

Different feedback options.

Different people, different demographic segments, are comfortable with different feedback options. Therefore, in the chat-bot, there should be provided such communication options as:

  • possibility to leave a request, so that the client will be called back or emailed;
  • the possibility to get answers to existing questions in the bot itself by connecting the operator;
  • the ability to view the company's contact information in order to contact yourself if necessary.

Comprehensible structure of bot logic.

The more information you want to place in the bot, the more extensive and complex its structure can be for the user. It is easy to get lost in a chatbot if its structure is not thought out. Therefore, it is very important to think through the settings in detail, first of all, the dialog menus of the chatbot, the keyboard. Also, it is important to separate the main menu items of the chatbot and the auxiliary ones, and make different keyboard types for the scenarios (regular and inline keyboards).


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Provide answers for each action.

An important factor is the constant feedback between the user and the chatbot. When a user writes a query in a text input field or presses a button on a chatbot's keyboard, it is important that the chatbot always responds to the user. If there is no response, the user's trust in the company may decrease. To do this, don't forget to set up scripts that will respond to the user's subscription and to any message that may not be provided (start script and unknown message script). 


A chatbot is a marketing tool that can be the most valuable to a company and have the highest conversion rate of a key action. To get the most out of a chatbot, you can't ignore such a way of interacting with your audience as chatbot mailings. In addition, if you use a chatbot management system that provides the ability to analyze and segment the audience, you can make different mailings, adjusting them for each bot audience thanks to tags and filters.


Chat-bot, like any other tool for interaction with the target audience, must be branded and have a visual connection to the corporate style of the company. In the telegram bot, the administrator has the opportunity to add a company logo and download a pack of stickers, if the company has branded stickers. Viber bots provide opportunities for visual “customization” bot, such as: logo, button branding, background (for business accounts). 

If you take into account all the listed points, your bot will certainly be interesting and convenient for your customers and subscribers. And if you need help creating and configuring a bot.

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