Chatbot templates for business.

Creating a chatbot can be quite a complex and painstaking process that one person cannot always handle. A chatbot, like any tool for marketing or optimization of external or internal company processes, should contain a convenient structure and content that should provide a high conversion of the target action expected from the user.

In general, the development of a chatbot can include the following stages:

  • marketing research;
  • identification of key goals and tasks to be performed by the bot;
  • identification of the key action expected from the user to measure the effectiveness of the chatbot on the conversion of the key action;
  • development chatbot structure and scheme;
  • bot content development;
  • developing a chatbot or configuring a bot on the constructor.

All these stages, ideally, should be done by different specialists, such as: 

  • marketer;
  • content manager;
  • designer;
  • ui/ux designer;
  • programmer

In case the bot is created on the designer, a programmer may not be needed, he can be replaced by a marketer to configure the bot on the designer.

However, in order to simplify the creation of a chatbot, especially for small companies or to run a test bot to evaluate its effectiveness for a specific type of business, or for specific business processes, you can use a ready-made chatbot template.

What is a chatbot template?

A chatbot template is a ready-made bot logic with a structure designed for a specific business direction, with customized bot scripts and basic content. That is, by applying a ready-made template, you get a ready-made chatbot that you can start using only after changing the content for your company. For example: contacts, company name and description, visual.

Most often, templates are used for the following types of businesses:

  • chatbots for services (care, medical, etc.);
  • chat bots for support services (technical support, service support);
  • hr bots (hiring, adaptation of employees);
  • simple corporate bots (information for employees).

How to apply a chatbot template?

Let's use the Gerabot bot designer as an example to analyze how to connect a chatbot and apply a ready business bot template to it.

First, you need to register on the service -


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After registration, a link to the designer's office will be provided. Already after the first login to the office, 3 steps to create a chatbot will be offered.

  1. The messenger to which the bot will be connected.
  2. Adding a bot token (video instruction on creating a token below).
  3. And choosing the template that will be applied to the chatbot.

Gerabot video instruction - creating and adding a chatbot token

It is not necessary to choose a template immediately. After logging in, a template can be selected and enabled in the “Settings->Templates” section.

Chatbot Templates

After the template is selected and the “Apply” button is pressed, the list of scripts in the system will be changed, they will be adapted to the selected template. More detailed information about scenarios can be found in the knowledge base or in the corresponding article on bot scenarios.

Chatbot Templates

If the chatbot is already connected, you can immediately go to it to see how the selected template works.

Chatbot Templates

All the logic of the template scripts and template content can be changed in the "Scenarios" section. Thus, after applying the template, it can be fully adapted to the needs of a particular bot.

Chatbot Templates

Also, it is worth remembering that templates are useful not only because they help you create your chatbot in just a few clicks, but also help faster understand the entire logic of creating a chatbot structure.

If you need development of an individual chatbot solution for your project, you can always contact the Gerabot company for detailed consultation and creation of a chatbot for your own needs.

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