Advantages of Gerabot and Jivosite services

JivoSite is one of the most popular online chat and customer communication tools on websites. This service provides many benefits that help businesses improve customer service and ensure effective communication. Here are some key benefits of JivoSite:

  1. Real-Time Live Chat: JivoSite allows you to install a chat window on your website that allows customers to contact you in real-time. This provides an opportunity to immediately respond to customer inquiries, provide necessary information and help solve their problems. Live chat helps improve customer satisfaction and provides a more personal approach to service.

  2. Multichannel: JivoSite supports multiple communication channels, including website chat, email, telephony, and social media. This allows you to communicate with customers on the channel of their choice of convenience. You can integrate your email and social media into JivoSite, making it easy to manage all your customer communications in one place.

  3. Automation and chatbots: JivoSite provides the ability to automate part of the communication with customers using chatbots. You can set up automatic answers to common questions and perform certain tasks without the presence of a live operator.

  4. Omnichannel: JivoSite allows you to combine all your communication channels in one interface. You can manage all customer inquiries from different platforms like website, social media, mobile apps, etc. without having to switch between different tools. This allows you to be more organized and efficient in handling client requests.

  5. Analytics and Reporting: JivoSite gives you access to detailed analytical reports about your communications with customers. You can monitor the number of requests, response time, operator productivity and many other useful information. This allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your communication with customers and make appropriate changes to improve processes.

  6. Improved Support Service: JivoSite provides high-quality and fast support for its users. You can contact their support team via chat, email or phone for help or answers to your questions. This is especially important if you have technical problems or need advice on using the service.

  7. Mobile Support: JivoSite has mobile apps that allow you to stay in touch with your customers even outside the office. You can respond to inquiries and manage communication with customers from your smartphone or tablet, making you more mobile and flexible at work.

  8. Personalized settings: JivoSite allows you to customize your chat windows and chatbots according to your brand and your business requirements. You can customize colors, fonts, window display, and other elements to match your corporate style and website look. This allows you to create a uniform and professional appearance of your communication with customers.

  9. Integration with other services: JivoSite supports integration with various popular services such as CRM systems, e-commerce systems, analytical tools and others. It allows you to combine data and information from different sources and store them in one place, simplifying the management of customer data and improving analytics.

  10. Comfortable interface and ease of use: JivoSite offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It has well-organized sections and functions, which makes working with the service simple and pleasant. You will quickly navigate all the possibilities of JivoSite and be able to effectively manage your communication with clients.

Overall, JivoSite is a powerful and convenient service for improving customer communication on your website.

Chat service for the site and creation of Gerabot chatbots

Gerabot is an innovative service that enables companies to create and manage chatbots for their websites. This service has many key advantages that help improve the efficiency of communication with customers and provide a personalized approach. Here are some important advantages of Gerabot:

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  1. Ease of use: Gerabot offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows even non-technical users to build their own chatbots. You can quickly set up questions and answers, define bot behavior and create personalized scripts. This allows Gerabot to be used effectively even without additional training or training.

  2. Personalization: Gerabot allows you to create chatbots that fully match your brand and style. You can customize the appearance of the chat window, including your company logo and colors to ensure consistency with your website. This allows you to create a favorable impression and recognition for customers, which affects their trust and satisfaction.

  3. Task automation: Gerabot provides the ability to automate many routine tasks and answers to common questions. You can set up automatic answers, greetings, offers and more. This allows you to provide a quick response to customer requests even outside of working hours and maintain constant availability for them. Automating tasks with Gerabot helps free up your staff's time so they can focus on more complex and important tasks.

  4. Efficiency Improvements: Gerabot allows you to handle more customer requests at the same time. Bots can interact with multiple users at the same time and provide quick and accurate responses. This makes it possible to increase the efficiency of processing requests and reduce the waiting time of customers.

  5. Handy analytics: Gerabot provides detailed analytics and statistics on customer interactions. You can get reports on the number of requests, bot success, popular requests and other valuable information. This helps you analyze the performance of the bot and make the necessary changes to improve the quality of service.

  6. Integration with other services: Gerabot can be easily integrated with other services, such as CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, social networks and others. This allows data and information to be shared between different tools and provides a single customer knowledge base.

  7. Support and Training: Gerabot provides high-quality support and training to its users. You can get help and advice on setting up your bot. Gerabot also provides training materials, documentation and regular updates so you can get the most out of it service.

  8. 24/7 Customer Engagement: Gerabot allows you to ensure constant availability for your customers. The chatbot can work 24 hours a day, answering queries even outside of working hours. This is especially useful when you have an international audience or when clients have late hours.

  9. Improving User Experience: Gerabot helps improve the user experience on your website. It can provide fast and accurate information, help with site navigation, provide personalized recommendations, and more. This allows you to ensure convenient and satisfied interaction with your customers.

Gerabot is a powerful tool that facilitates communication with customers and improves their satisfaction. Its easy interface, possibility of personalization, automation of tasks, improvement of efficiency, convenient analytics, integration with other services, support and training, interaction with customers 24/7, improvement of user experience and use of artificial intelligence - all this makes Gerabot an indispensable tool for websites businesses.

Gerabot helps you provide excellent customer service by responding to customer inquiries promptly and accurately. You can save time, effort and resources by automating routine tasks and improving communication efficiency. Through personalization and integration, Gerabot can reflect your brand and work alongside other tools, simplifying customer engagement and data management.

Overall, Gerabot is a reliable, efficient and intuitive service that helps you improve communication with customers and ensure a high level of satisfaction. Using Gerabot will allow you to increase the productivity of your business and attract and retain more customers.

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