Chatbot builder. Review.

What is a chatbot builder?

This is a service, a software product that interacts with messengers through an api on the one hand, and has a web interface for managing chatbot content from the bot administrator's side.

That is, from the software side, the service is an intermediary between the user who interacts with the bot and gives commands to be executed, and the external code of the messengers, which in turn respond to the user on his actions.

That is, such a service is primarily a messaging service between a bot and a user. What kind of messages will be sent to the user in response to his actions in the bot, is already configured by the bot administrator through the chatbot designer.

Webhook chatbot

What kind of bot can you create with chatbot builders?

The options for creating a chatbot on the constructor differ from the functionality provided by the service itself. In general, on the constructor, it is possible to create a chatbot with almost unlimited functionality, depending on whether the service provides the following options:

  • creating bot logic;
  • api for interacting with external services;
  • human user interaction instead of a bot;
  • artificial intelligence (eg openai chatgtp).

On the chatbot creation service, it is possible to create both a simple bot, for example, with the task of providing answers to frequent user questions, and a complex corporate chatbot using an api.

How are the services for creating chatbots different?

At the time of writing, there are already quite a lot of services that provide creating chatbots using the constructor. But, chatbot designers can have different key features for different types of chatbots, for example:

  • mail bots;
  • bots for support service and interaction with users;
  • information bots;
  • bots with artificial intelligence;
  • aggregator bots.

The designer for each type of chatbot can have different key aspects of the interface for management, different functionality and capabilities.

Designers of bots for newsletters.

For creating chatbots for newsletters on the designer, the most important is the interface for creating and implementing the newsletter. Templates, newsletters that the user can use at any time, detailed history of newsletters. Designers who prioritize the ability to create just such bots may not have the functionality to create an expanded chatbot logic, or the ability to connect an operator instead of a bot.

Designers of bots for support and service.

For such bots, the most important factor is the ability to connect an operator or manager to a dialogue with the user instead of a chatbot. Of course, chatbots can provide answers to the user through dialog menus in the bot, but there are usually 20% of users who do not find answers to their questions. In such cases, a person joins the conversation.

Also, an important factor in the constructor for this type of bot can be the presence of an api for synchronizing requests and user requests, changing the status of the request and transferring data from the users themselves.

Informative chatbots

The simplest type of bots, for the creation of which the bot designer must have any interface for creating bot logic (visual or tabular). To create such a bot, it is enough to create a chain of steps by which a person will move between bot scenarios and fill it with content.

Bots with artificial intelligence.

The most complex type of chatbots, for the creation of which an external service api must be connected to the designer, which provides the ability to process user requests with artificial intelligence. For example OpenAI ChatGTP. But, if the bot designer provides the ability to automatically add keywords to various chatbot scenarios, the administrator can simulate artificial intelligence in the chatbot by simply providing the user with the most relevant answer to the query.

Bot aggregators

But usually, these types of chatbots, as well as other fairly individual solutions, are made not on constructors, but as project solutions for the client.


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How else can chatbot designers differ?

Even constructors for the same type of bots can differ among themselves. And in order to choose the most effective service for creating a chatbot for your business, you may need to try several options.

The main differences between services for creating bots are:

  • convenience and intuitiveness of the bot creation system interface;
  • visual or tabular interface for creating chatbot logic;
  • ability to interact with the user instead of the bot;
  • variability of chatbot settings;
  • availability of video or other instructions for setting up;
  • well, of course the cost of subscribing to the chatbot creation service.

Convenience of the interface.

The first thing that a person pays attention to when starting to use any service is the convenience and availability of all the key elements of the system, which he will use most of the time. In most cases, a person makes the decision to use the service or not in the 1st minute after entering the control room. Therefore, 80% of whether a person will use the service or not depends precisely on the convenience factor of the system interface.

Visual or tabular interface for creating bot logic.

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, if the structure of the chatbot is not very extensive, and has only a few buttons, then of course, the visual interface may seem more convenient for setting up such a bot. But, when the structure of the bot contains hundreds or more possible answers, then usually the tabular interface (similar to setting up web pages in cms) is more convenient and more flexible for further editing and changing the content in the chatbot.

Ability to interact with the user.

Some chatbot builders, such as bot builders, may not have or may not have a convenient user interface. Some constructors, on the contrary, have only this interface without the ability to configure the logic of the bot itself. If you need a chatbot, for example, for a support service, the first thing you need to pay attention to in the service is the operator connection interface.

Variability of chatbot settings. 

This point can include many points and most likely, it will not be the first thing you pay attention to, but the ability to customize the chatbot is an important factor for it conversions.

For example, the ability to configure different keyboard types, button colors, the ability to receive notifications about bot events, etc. This will all become important to you after you create your bot logic and run it on the constructor.

Availability of educational materials, instructions.

Anything is easier to do when there is an opportunity to see examples, training materials, or instructions. If the designer has a knowledge base or video instructions, you will immediately understand that creating a chatbot on the designer will not be a problem for you. Otherwise, you will have to act intuitively.

Gerabot video instructions - creating and adding a chatbot token</a >

Subscription cost.

Usually, the cost of subscribing to chatbot builders is about the same, but they may differ on different services according to various parameters. For example, the cost may depend on the number of followers of your bots, but on the number of operators that can be attached to manage the bot. There are bot builders with free subscription periods for a certain amount of time. The average cost of the minimum subscription options is $15-25 per month.

Key functionality of the chatbot builder.

On the example of a service for creating chat bots for Telegram, Viber, fb messenger - Gerabot, we will analyze the main possibilities for creating your own bot on the constructor.< /p>

Configuring bot logic.

Each user step in the chatbot is one script that can contain:

  • text content;
  • media or other files;
  • location;
  • keyboard to interact with the bot.

The next step of the user can be triggered either by pressing a button on the keyboard, or its user will send a message to the chatbot, which he will write in the text message input field. Depending on what exactly the user did, the bot will find and display the next step for the user (chatbot script).

Example of list of scripts and configuration of one script in the Gerabot designer.

Configuring chatbot logic

Configuring chatbot logic

Interaction with the user.

Chat bots should not only work according to programmed scenarios, but also have a function that gives the user the opportunity to call a person for communication if he could not solve his question with the help of bot.

For this, the bot designer should be able to indicate at which step of the chatbot's work, it is necessary to notify the operator that his intervention is required before talking with the user .

Configuring operator connection in chatbot

After that, the operator can take the request into work and communicate with the user on behalf of the bot.

New request from user in chatbot

Also, it will be useful if the designer has an opportunity for the user to leave his feedback request without waiting for the operator to connect. For this, a feedback form can be used, where the user fills in the necessary data and waits for them to contact him. In the system, in turn, the user's request is displayed as a new lead received from the chatbot.

Configuring chatbot logic


Chat bots are the best tool for marketing, because they have a conversion rate of 84% of messages that will be read by the user. Therefore, mailing functionality should be mandatory in any bot constructor, even if it is not its target functionality.

The advantage of the Gerabot newsletter builder is that it includes the ability to segment the bot's audience by tags. Labels can be automatically added to the user depending on his actions in the chatbot. For example, there may be a "subscription to the newsletter" script, when you go to it, the label "subscribed" will be automatically added to it.

Also, the advantage is the ability to send not only a text message, but also to choose a previously prepared message template.

Gerabot mailing settings

Configuring chatbot logic

CRM functionality.

If the chatbot is used as a single channel for interaction with customers, the built-in functionality of the CRM system will come in handy. This makes it possible to use the constructor not only for creating and configuring a bot, but also as a full-fledged tool for managing and analyzing leads and customers.

Using the information presented in the article, you will be able to easily compare available chatbot builders and choose the best tool for your business. If, however, the capabilities of the chatbot designer are not enough for you, you can always order an individual solution specifically for your business from the Gerabot company.

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