How is Telegram useful for business?

What is a telegram? Telegram is a messenger for exchanging messages, but it is also an additional channel for business promotion to a large audience. 

Any business that follows trends and additional or new opportunities to promote its brand, or goods or services, should always notice and find new opportunities for development.  

What can attract business to Telegram?

  • A large and constantly growing audience (over 50 million people).
  • Constantly updated capabilities of the messenger itself.
  • Different options for business presence and interaction with the audience.

What interaction possibilities does Telegram provide?

Telegram has three main options for interacting with users (not including personal correspondence):

  • groups;
  • channels;
  • chat bots.

All three varieties can have their purpose for business and be useful in different application options. 

Telegram group

Groups in which every user who has been added to the group by the administrator can write messages. The administrator of the group can also be not only a person, but also a chatbot. Applying groups for business purposes is possible as follows:

  • project discussion;
  • communication of company employees;
  • a group for consumers of a brand's goods or services, where people can exchange opinions or advice.

Telegram groups can be both open (anyone can join) and closed (access only by invitation).

Realistically, for a business, groups can only be useful for internal discussion or for brand promotion through influencers who can be invited to groups to communicate with consumers and build trust in brand.

Telegram channels.

Channels can be used by businesses to publish company news, new products, information about events planned by the company, etc. The channel is a means of informing the audience and keeping it by increasing interest in the brand.

An external specialist (smm manager) and the company's marketing department. To maintain a channel, you need:
  • make a content plan;
  • write text for posts;
  • make an image for the visual design of posts.

Also, channels can be used as a brand loyalty analytics tool. By monitoring the dynamics of the increase or decrease of subscribers to the company's channel, the business understands how interesting its product is to the audience at the moment. This information can be used to adjust the company's marketing strategy.

In order to create a group or channel in Telegram, you just need to go to the settings and click on the corresponding menu item. After that, write the name of your channel.

Chat bots

If groups are a tool of interaction between users, and channels are an information tool, then chatbots are a tool of interaction between the company and the user. The possibilities of using chatbots in Telegram for business are practically unlimited, and you can create a chatbot using the constructor. Here is just a small list of what a business can use a chatbot for:

  • customer support;
  • marketing mailings by segmented audience;
  • loyalty programs;
  • sale of goods or services;
  • personal account of the company's client.

Chat bots for service support.

Chatbots can answer frequently asked questions of company customers in automatic mode, without human intervention, but if necessary , then involve the manager in the conversation. Track and inform the user about the status of his application. Chatbots can work 24/7.

Chat bots for marketing.

Conversion of reading messages in messengers is more than 80%, while in email it is only 1.5%. The user can read the message in the messenger when it is convenient for him, it will not get lost in spam. There is no need to create an email database of customers, all chatbot users are already ready to receive your newsletter.

Loyalty programs.

Currently, the use of chatbots instead of mobile applications to distribute loyalty programs among company customers is very widespread. This is especially noticeable in such a field of business as retail. The user can simply show the qr or barcode image in the bot and the cashier will scan it.

Sale of goods and services.

Thanks to the fact that Telegram has built-in payment options (for example, through liqpay or wallet), the user can pay for his order without leaving the chatbot. This greatly simplifies the customer's life and increases the loyalty of the company.

Why is it easier for a user to interact with a chatbot than with a website or mobile application?

The most common question that arises before a company when it decides to scale its presence on the Internet is to make a mobile application or a chatbot.

What are the advantages of bots?

In order for the user to use the company application, it must be installed on the phone. Is your app optimized and running fast enough? Isn't it too big and won't take up a lot of memory in the user's phone? Will the user open and interact with it every time? All these issues must be clearly understood before making a decision in favor of the application.

What about a chatbot?

A chatbot, such as Telegram, is not a separate application. It's a bot that already works in an app that 50 million people already use. If we take the audience in Ukraine, then 90% of people under the age of 50 use Telegram. That is, the user does not need to do any extra actions in order to interact with your company at the moment he needs.

Create chatbot token.

In order to create a chatbot, it is best to either register with a constructor for creating chatbots, such as Gerabot, or find specialists who can make the best solution for you business.

But you need to create the bot token itself (which will be used to connect the designer or the completed project) so that it is tied to your phone number. To create a token, you need to go to Telegram and write /botFather in the search. This is the main telegram bot, in which you need to write /addbot to add a new bot. Next, enter the name and uri (link) of the bot, and botFather will send you the token of the created bot.


Don't have your own bot yet? Do you think that creating a chatbot is difficult?

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The best plan to promote your company in Telegram.

All you need to do:

  • open a Telegram channel and lead it, providing users with interesting and useful information about the company, its life, plans, news, promotions, etc.;
  • create a group for the brand audience and monitor the dynamics of positive or negative feedback;
  • create a chatbot to make it easy and convenient for users to interact with your business at the moment they need.

If you need help with creating a chatbot, or promoting your business in Telegram, the Gerabot company is always happy to come to help you.

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