A chatbot with a personal user account

One of the key factors in promoting almost any business is interaction with customers. Interaction occurs at different stages and in different business processes, but the key stages of interaction with the client are marketing and service.

Marketing is the first interaction between the company and the client, the purpose of which is to increase interest in the company's service or product, and the process of keeping the consumer as a client of the company. This process can contain many stages and factors, among which is customer retention through constant interaction with the company.

Service support is responsible for the level of consumer loyalty to the company, therefore it is also a factor in keeping the company's client. The level of service provided by a company is usually an even more influential factor in loyalty than the service or product itself.

The cover of these two processes is the user's personal account in the chatbot. A personal account in the bot allows you to maintain constant interaction between the user and the company by providing relevant, personalized information for the client. And considering that chatbots are, first of all, a tool that initiates interaction with the client (and not the company with the client), the personal account is a key factor in maintaining the client's interest in using the chatbot.</ p>

Distribution of the company's business processes, according to the effectiveness of their implementation in the chatbot for the client.

Efficiency of chatbot processes

By implementing a personal account in the bot, the company increases the probability of customer retention by 90% and receives a tool for increasing loyalty and increasing brand recognition.

Using a personal account in the chatbot.

A personal account in a chatbot can be used by almost any business, because the client of any company leaves his “footprint” when interacting with it. Here are some examples of content for a personal account by business type.


Loyalty programs.

If the company has effectively configured marketing processes, then it has 100% implemented loyalty programs, promotional offers, discounts for regular customers, etc. Therefore, any business that uses loyalty programs for its customers can use a personal account in the bot to provide the customer with up-to-date data on the status of his bonus points, personal promotional offers, etc.

Loyalty program in the cabinet in the chatbot

Field of services.

Companies in the field of service provision usually have regular customers who have a history of records or a date by which it is necessary to pay for the extension of the service, the possibility of changing the tariff plan, etc. Such data can also be used in a personal account, even providing the possibility of paying for services using the payment systems built into the chatbot.


Document circulation.

Many companies, especially those working in B2B, provide their customers with personal prices for goods, or send documents on certain dates. Such document flow can also be implemented in a chatbot, which greatly simplifies it and increases company loyalty by providing more convenient access to documents.

Advantages of implementing a personal account in a chatbot.

A chatbot without a personal account is a tool for providing general information about the company, its services, and contacts. Usually, it is enough for the user to interact with the chatbot once or twice to get all the information he needs. Therefore, using a chatbot exclusively to provide basic information about the company and its services, the capabilities of the chatbot are revealed only for 10% of the benefit it can bring to the company from the point of view of marketing.

By introducing a personal account and providing personalized information, the company reveals the marketing capabilities of the chatbot to 100%, gets a tool for keeping the client, constant interaction with him, precisely at the initiative of the user , gets the opportunity to provide relevant and useful newsletters, thus increasing brand recognition and reminders of yourself.


Examples by types of business and providing information in the user account:

Subscription services: reminders about the end of the subscription, changing the tariff plan, paying for services.

Medicine: history of visits, patient card, information about tests, personal treatment plan.

Restaurant business: current reservations, accumulated bonuses, promotional offers.

Financial sector: open credit lines, personal manager, account balances.

Service companies: contact history, specialist call, request status.

Hotel business: personal concierge service, current reservations, bonuses.

Corporate bots: personal documents, task schedule, personal information.

This is just a small list of what personalized data can be implemented in the user's personal account in the bot.


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How to create a personal account in a chatbot.

Using the Gerabot chatbot designer as an example, we will analyze how to create a chatbot with a personal user account. (more details about creating a cabinet can be found on the page designer capabilities)

After registering on the Gerabot website and receiving a link to the designer's office, you need to connect the chatbot. For more details, see the video instructions for using the constructor.

Gerabot video instructions - creating and adding a chatbot token

To create a cabinet, you need to choose a script that will contain personal information for the chatbot user and grant him the appropriate access rights.

Access rights to the bot's cabinet

When access rights are granted, it is necessary to fill the content of the script with the appropriate data. To output the client's personal data, variables will be used, the values of which will be specified for each individual client.

Access rights to the bot's cabinet

Next, you need to create variables in the constructor settings.

Access rights to the bot's cabinet

After that, provide variable values for the client and associate the client with the corresponding chat.

Access rights to the bot's cabinet

After that, when the user goes to the script that we defined as a personal account, he will see his personal data.

Access rights to the bot's cabinet

The Gerabot company provides both the ability to independently create chatbots with a personal account and the creation of chatbots services under key. Please contact us, we are always happy to help you create a chatbot for your company.

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