Chatbot as a marketing and business promotion tool.

Marketing is a flexible science whose principles and tools are not fixed. They are constantly changing depending on modern conditions, new trends and tendencies. Currently, the main principle of marketing is customer orientation. And what could be more client-oriented than a chatbot?

In this article we will analyze 3 important aspects.

  • how is a chatbot useful for marketing?
  • how to promote a chatbot so that customers learn about it?
  • how to use a chatbot for marketing purposes?

How is a chatbot useful for marketing.

A chatbot is a tool for interaction between a company and a lead or client. The key advantages of the chatbot are:

  • high conversion of user interaction with the bot;
  • automation of the interaction process;
  • ease of use, both for the client and for the company;
  • large audience.

High conversion.

What is the first step of any customer engagement funnel? That the client pays attention to the content that you want to convey to him. Opening and readability of messages in messengers is more than 80%, while in email this indicator is at the level of 1.5%. 

Automation of processes.

When sending a message to a user through a chatbot, it can be programmed to immediately provide the user with an option for further interaction (keyboard, link, etc.). Instead, to process return emails, you need to hire a manager who will analyze and continue the dialogue with the lead or client.

Ease of use.

You can set up a chatbot and send newsletters through it using the chatbot designer. It will take 15 minutes of the company's marketing specialist. Creating a bot using the constructor does not require any special programming skills, etc. For the user, the chatbot interface is already familiar, because already many companies use chatbots for various purposes.

Large audience.

Audiences of popular messengers are constantly growing, and are already measured by hundreds of millions of active users. Most of the company's clients are already messenger users, so finding your audience using a chatbot will not be a problem.

How to promote a chatbot so that users learn about it.

The following measures are most often used to promote chatbots:

  • link to chatbots on the company website;
  • chatbot advertising in social networks;
  • sending links to chatbots through business accounts or SMS messages;
  • placing links to chatbots in qr-codes on company branded materials;
  • posting articles on sites with links to the chatbot;
  • some messengers allow you to find bots through internal search.

Link to the chatbot on the company website.

The first thing a company should do after creating its chatbot is to post information about it on the website. This will not only give users the opportunity to go to the chatbot via the link, but also increase the conversion of the site itself because the company will reduce the number of “lost site visitors”. 

The link on the site should be placed both in the company contact section and as a pop-up window on the site, with an offer to go to the chatbot.

Chatbot advertising in social networks.

A chatbot, like other Internet resources, such as websites, has its own link, by which a person can go to the bot. Therefore, a company can create company ads for its bots, as well as for other user interaction resources.

But, of course, remember that any resource that you advertise and invite the user to should be relevant to the advertisement and provide quality and useful information to the user. Chatbots should not be promoted just to increase the number of its followers, unless it is really useful for the company's customer.


Sending a link to the chatbot through a business account or sms.

As you know, a chatbot cannot be the first to interact with a user who has not yet subscribed to it. Therefore, companies use the following steps to draw users' attention to the bot:

  • sending a link to the bot through the company's business account or in an SMS message;
  • user transition to chatbot by link;
  • user subscription to the chatbot;
  • further interaction of the company with the bot's subscriber, already on behalf of the chatbot.

It should be remembered that chatbots are, first of all, a tool for the user, thanks to which they can get information about the company, etc. Most messengers limit messages via chatbots (but not all, for example with Telegram, you can do unlimited messages) so that bots are not used as spam tools. 

Therefore, the best option is to use:

  • chat-bot, as a means of simplifying the acquisition of information by the client, at the initiative of the client;
  • business account, as a means of providing information to the client from the company, at the initiative of the company.


Encoding links into a qr-code.

Quite often, companies make links to their chatbots (as well as sites or other resources) in the form of qr-codes. For most of the audience, this means to go to the chatbot is usually easier than going to the link. Most often, this option is used by companies in the retail business.


Posting articles with links to the chatbot.

Big companies, after creating their chatbot, usually do big pr-companies to promote it. They publish articles on sites with a large number of visitors, in which they tell about all the benefits of using the company's chatbot for their target audience. If such articles are posted on thematic and relevant sites, they bring a large number of subscribers to bots in the first days after posting.

Such companies can also run small businesses if their chatbots really have competitive advantages and are useful for users.


Chatbot promotion through messenger search.

Most messengers have internal search for user accounts and chatbots. In order for your bot to be found in search, its name must contain relevant keywords for your audience. Also, it is worth remembering that some messengers limit display in the search, and only show verified chatbots (for example, Viber).


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How to use a chatbot for marketing

The main options for using a chatbot for marketing are:

  • sales funnels;
  • dispatching;
  • promotional offers, etc.

Sales funnels.

For a user to take a targeted action (registration, purchase, etc.), the first touch is usually not enough. Therefore, marketing funnels involve several touches of the company and the user, in order to increase the user's trust in the company, offer a gift or bonuses, provide information that can convince him to carry out the target action and propose a key action at the end of the funnel.

A chatbot can be both one of the touches to the user in the funnel, and contain the entire sales funnel. It all depends on the company's marketing strategy and plan.



As it was already said above, the goal of using a chatbot should not be the ability to do mailings. A chatbot is more of a tool for the user than for the company. But, despite this, if you make a mailing that is really useful and interesting for the user and it involves his feedback in the bot, such mailings can have a high level of effectiveness.


Promotional offers.

It is much easier for the user to view the company's news or promotions in a chatbot than in a mobile application or on the company's website. Messenger is an application that is already used by the majority of the Internet audience, it does not require high-speed Internet and the installation of unnecessary programs on the phone. Therefore, this direction is widely used by companies to attract users and increase loyalty.


If you still have doubts about whether a chatbot will be an effective marketing tool for your company, contact in Gerabot, and we will discover it together with you.

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