Admin bots for the group

Telegram chat bots have become a popular tool for automating communication and simplifying group chats. Bots can perform a variety of tasks, from automatically sending messages to integrating with external services.

Creating a chat bot in Telegram is quite simple. First you need to create a new bot, get a token and add it to the desired conversation. Next, you need to write the code that will process the messages sent to the conversation and send responses.

One of the main features of Telegram chat bots is automatic participant management. For example, the bot can delete messages that violate the rules of the conversation, or automatically add new members.

Another popular feature of conversation bots is the creation of polls and polls. The bot can automatically collect responses and summarize voting results.

Also, with the help of bots, you can create reminders about events or tasks that need to be completed. The bot can send notifications to all participants in the conversation or only to specific users.

Telegram chat bots can also integrate with external services such as Google Calendar, Trello or GitHub. The bot can automatically create tasks, notify you of new commits, or notify you of upcoming events.

One of the benefits of Telegram chat bots is their ease of use. Users can interact with the bot in the same way as with all other participants in the conversation, no additional settings are needed.

However, when creating chat bots in Telegram, you should take into account the rules for using the Telegram API and make sure that the bot does not violate privacy and security rules.

All in all, Telegram chat bots are a powerful tool for automating group chats. They can greatly simplify the process of communication and management in conversations, as well as integrate with other services to improve productivity and communication.
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