BotFather. Features and functionality.

Chatbots are programs that can interact with people using text messages and messages with files. They have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their capabilities and open API that allows developers to create new features for them. One of the most popular chat bots is BotFather.

BotFather is a Telegram chatbot that lets you build your own chatbots. With BotFather, users can create and customize their own bots, as well as get additional features and capabilities for them.

Basic features of BotFather

  1. Creating bots

BotFather allows you to create new bots with your own unique name and ID. Users can also choose the type of bot they want to create, such as message bot, survey bot, or order processing bot.

  1. Bot settings

After creating a bot, BotFather allows you to configure its functions and parameters. Users can set auto-responders, generate API keys, define user access rights, and more.


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  1. Getting statistics

BotFather allows users to receive statistics about the usage of their bots. Users can check the number of messages sent by their bot, as well as receive information about user activity.

  1. Integration with other services

BotFather supports integration with other services, such as Google Analytics or Zapier. This allows users to extend the functionality of their bots and integrate them with other tools.

  1. Creating buttons and menus

BotFather allows users to create buttons and menus for their bots. This makes interaction with the bot more convenient and intuitive for users.

  1. Sending messages

BotFather allows users to create messaging to their followers. This may be useful for sending notifications, news or offers.

  1. Multiple languages support

BotFather supports multiple languages, allowing users to create bots for different language audiences. For example, a bot for an English-speaking audience can be created separately from a bot for a Ukrainian-speaking audience.

  1. Open API

BotFather has an open API that allows developers to create new features and integrate them with other services. This provides more flexible integration with other tools and expands the possibilities of using chatbots.

How to create a telegram bot token.

Basic BotFather commands and their functionality.

/start - start working with BotFather. Executing this command will open the main menu where you can create a new bot, configure it, add or remove commands, and more.

/newbot - command to create a new chatbot. After executing this command, BotFather will prompt you for a bot name and user, then provide a bot access token that can be used to configure and host the bot.

/setname - a command to change the name of the bot. Executing this command allows you to change the name of the bot and display it in Telegram.

/setdescription - the command to change the description of the bot. With its help, you can set a short description of the bot, which will be displayed in the bot's profile and in the search.

/setcommands - a command to add or remove bot commands. Executing this command allows you to configure the list of bot commands and specify their order.

/setinline is a command to set the Inline mode feature. This feature allows users to use the bot directly in the text field, allowing them to quickly find the information they need and interact with the bot.

/setinlinefeedback - the command to configure the feedback function in Inline mode. This function allows you to configure messages with options for responding to the user's request, which will be displayed in Inline mode.

/setjoingroups - the command to allow the bot to be added to groups. After executing this command, the bot will be able to receive messages from users in group chats.

/setprivacy - the command for setting the privacy of the bot. With its help, you can set the rules for accessing the bot and its messages. For example, you can allow the bot to receive messages only from subscribers.

/revokebot - the command to revoke access to the bot. This command allows you to disconnect the bot from Telegram, which can be useful if the bot is no longer needed or needs to be moved to another server.

/help - command for getting help and information about available commands. After executing this command, BotFather will display a list of available commands and a brief description of their functionality.

BotFather Features


BotFather is a powerful tool for creating and configuring Telegram chatbots. It provides users with many options to extend the functionality of their bots and improve the interaction with their audience. Thanks to its open API, BotFather is a reliable tool for developers who want to create new features and integrate them with other services.

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